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How To Write A Scientific Journal

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       How to write a scientific journal A scientific journal is an article written by researchers on a subject for academic purposes. The purpose is to communicate a new research. Before it is published, it must be peer-reviewed to access the quality of the document. There are three types of scientific journals; original, review, and theoretical journals.

         Before publication, a manuscript is written. It gives the researchers an opportunity to edit their work and check on accuracy and consistency. Assemble all the vital pieces of information before you begin writing to ensure an easier time. View each section of the journal as a separate task and give it maximum attention.

         The journal is made up of the following sections;

ñThe Title Page


ñKey Words


ñMaterials and Methods





         The Title Page: this is the first page of the journal, it provides the introduction and opening remarks. A good title for the research is vital and should be informative and captivating. It summarizes the journal in few words. The page should contain: the full name of the researcher/s, instructor’s name, the due date of the journal and any other relevant information.

         Abstract:  this is a brief statement of the content of the journal. It clearly highlights what the journal discusses. The investigative question forms the first statement statement, and is followed by what was done to answer that question. The abstract uses simple language.

         Key Words: this section lists the principal words used in the journal. The reader should pay attention to them as they are severally repeated and cardinal.

        Introduction: it provides the background information necessary for the study, and explains what led to the research. The statement that was made for the research earlier on is accompanied by the hypotheses that were tested. Finally, the objectives are listed and several reasons why the reader should continue reading the journal.

         Materials and Methods: procedures followed for the research are shown in this section. A           vivid description of the statistical methods of collection of data and recording is vital. A person should be able to conduct the same procedures at ease upon reading the section.

         Results: this is a clear description of the results from the procedures described in the previous section and should be backed up by the data collected.

         Discussion: the interpretation of the results is made here in detail, possible causes of those results are stated, and so is a probable conclusion.

         Conclusion: this should be a brief paragraph on the key findings of the research, and acknowledgement of the people who aided in the whole project.

         References: this is a list of all citations found in the journal: it should contain the original sources of the information. List the references alphabetically, depending on your preferred style.

         For a presentable scientific journal, the following should be followed;

n  Begin with writing a draft.

n  Research on a topic that is clear.

n  Read the guidelines for writing a scientific journal.

n  Outline all the sections before writing.





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