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How To Write A Great Research Paper

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   how to write a great research paper     For a superb paper, you need more than knowledge of your research area. Systematic approach paired up with good writing skills will deliver an almost perfect paper. A person has to develop a positive mentality towards the topic of study, which is created by among other factors, having the necessary information.

         The first step is to come up with a topic on which you will base your research. For an already given topic, begin with the interpretation. Limit the research to a particular aspect so as to avoid making assumptions that could make the paper baseless. Choose an area that has a wide variety of resource material.

         Having identified your topic, find information.  List all your sources and under each, include area of interest. The Internet, for example, could be used to get the background information, the encyclopedias as a summary source, and questionnaires to get different views from a selected group of people and so on.

         The third step is to formulate a topic statement. A thesis is a summary of the entire research paper, and should hence be complimentary to the research findings. The content that follows serves as supporting information of the above. Therefore, it should be arrived at critically and creatively. Choose a thesis that is open-ended to enable a follow-up discussion.

         Outline your research paper. The  format of the document includes:

The introduction; state your research question and its purpose. Mention what the paper plans to look at, also include the areas left out. It is mandatory for an introduction to have a brief explanation of the role of the paper.

Body; a presentation of the argument, together with the supporting information from the sources. Begin with a captivating statement, that will hold the discussion to the end. The body is the longest section in the paper.

Conclusion; present a summarized version of your argument, stating the reason/s for that conclusion.

         Organize your information. Go over all the data sourced from your research. Confirm that the information is factual and useful. Sort the data in terms of what should appear in the introduction, body, and conclusion. Do not include any plagiarized work. List down all the necessary citations for an informed bibliography.

         Before the final research paper, a draft is written. Outline your paper following the format discussed earlier, inserting all the useful and relevant information. Check for spelling mistakes and errors through the use of online checkers such as Grammarly. Finally, make sure that the draft is plagiarism free.

         Lastly, type the research paper. Use the recommended style and font, or any other that can be used in formal writing. Proofread the typed work once more to correct typing errors, which may include; missing punctuations, spelling mistakes, and duplicated words. Finally append your name and any other necessary information on the cover page.

         In summary, for a great research paper:

uHave a clear research question.

uConduct some research.

uChoose your topic well.

uUse original ideas.

uGet some advice if needed


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