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How To Write A Good Business Letter

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     How to write a good business letter  A business letter is written from one party to another about business. Business letters vary as they serve different purposes,  for example, one may be written to request for delivery, and another to cancel an order. The letter also serves as evidence that a particular communication took place, hence is more preferred than other forms of communication.

      The key element in the letter is the formal language used as an overly casual letter may be labeled as unofficial. The audience addressed by the letter determines the language, as the improper language may alienate the reader. Care should be taken to ensure that the letter's content is clear and leaves a lasting impression.

     There are two main styles of writing the business letter: the full block style; all elements fall on the left margin, or the Modified block style: some elements appear there. The length of the letter should not be too long as the writer hopes the reader will be able to get the message after quickly skimming over it.

      The letter has six part. The Heading: this is where the writer includes his address, with the date below it. The telephone number and E-mail address may also be included depending on the writer's preference but should appear before.

      The receiver's address: It should include the name of the specific person or the organization. It should appear on the left margin always. The insider address should match the address written on the envelope.

      The Salutation: or the greetings in a business letter is very formal and often begin with “Dear” followed by one of the name of the reader or the title they hold. Use a neutral title if the gender of the person is unknown.

      The Body:  this is the text where you include the purpose of writing the letter. Organize the content in well-arranged paragraphs depending on the preferred style. Express all your thoughts here as this is the only part you are able to do so. Skip a line between the paragraphs.

     The Complimentary Close: this brief and polite closing of your letter should include a summary of your expectations from the reader and express gratitude for having read your letter to its completion.  Paragraphing should be as the rest of the parts.

     The Signature Line: Skip a line and write the name of the writer in full or initials, a title may be indicated but is not mandatory. Leave a space for the actual signature which marks the end if the letter.

Proofread your letter after finishing, errors are highly discouraged as they create a bad first impression. When writing your writer make sure you are specific and straight to the point. For example if the purpose was  a reminder of a meeting; state the date, venue and the time it will take place.

     In summary, a good business letter should be:

l  Well addressed and well paragraphed.

l  Well written and concise.

l  Very brief and clear.

l  Precise to its function.



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