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How To Write A Business Proposal

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         how to write business proposalThis is a business document written to persuade a prospective buyer by a seller. It marks a complex process and could determine whether or not a sale takes place, as a successful proposal results in a sale. Before writing a business proposal, understand what it is, followed by learning the right format.

         Firstly, the proposal offers a particular good or service to the prospective buyer or client. Therefore, the product or the service must be readily available. There are two types of proposals: solicited business proposals and unsolicited proposals. The submission of the former is in response to an advertisement, and the latter is submitted without request.

         The composition of a business proposal includes;

The Introduction: this includes an introduction of the product/service you intend to sell and the problem it will solve for the buyer.

The Body: it should include in detail, how the sales process will begin, the delivery of the product/service, and the completion of the sale.

The Conclusion: this should emphasize the benefits the buyer will get from the sales process and should urge the prospective buyer to buy the product. The conclusion should sound convincing and confident.


         A good business proposal should include a problem statement. It should be able to describe the client's problem and how the product or service being offered solves that problem. The solution helps the business come across as well informed on the prospective buyer's challenges. The statement should be clear and precise.

         Proposed solution: after identifying the needs, the proposal should come up with proposed solutions. For every need stated earlier, a way out should be provided. The business uses this platform to assure the client that it is reliable and keen on more than getting the client's money.

         Pricing information: this is a crucial area, it determines whether the client will perform the purchase or not. The pricing should be specific to the task and should include how it calculated. Ensure that all the calculations are well summarized.

         When writing a business proposal always remember to do your research, to come up with a well-written proposal for a client. Background information is especially essential when submitting the unsolicited proposal. Find out what the potential customer has been using prior. Research on other businesses that could pose competition, this ensures that your document is detailed, and custom made.

         Imagine yourself as your prospective client, and develop an idea that you would be looking. Providing answers to your questions will be achievable. It will also help when it comes to pricing as you most likely know how much you would pay for the same product/service.

         A lot of business proposals are written, but very few get responses. The reason could be, they are not convincing enough. After identifying the client you want, their needs and coming up with solutions, it is important to explain why you are the best company/business to choose. Include your experience in service delivery, and so should your qualifications and testimonials. Convince the client that you are the better option.

         A well-written business proposal:

n  Is a researched document.

n  Shows how it can help a potential client.

n  Is centered on a client.





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