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How To Write A Good Product Review

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       product review  A product review is a report written by an individual who has used the product. The review could function as a product promotion or a source of useful information to other buyers. Any product can have a review,  provided it is available to other users. To write a review, the writer should not be biased but neutral looking at both the merits and demerits of using that product.

         One of the best ways to share your review is through the online writing, because it becomes accessible to many users of the same product as opposed to writing it in the local dailies. Product reviewing gets better with time, so one should not be discouraged by the outcome of the first article.

         The first rule in a product review is to write about one product at a time. One product, will help in achieving your intended purpose in length. The article should include the name of the product, model number and any other piece of useful information on the product. It is also important to include an approximate price, where you bought the item and a suggestion of other places that could stock the same.

         After introducing the product, the second step is Product Description. The description is the longest section in a product review as it discusses the product vital features for example: size, weight, appearance and so on. There should be a vivid description of what the product does using a simple language and not technical jargon. Every bit of information that a user should have concerning the functionality of the product should be present. The product description should also include how to make work easier using the product and what modifications should be done.

         Product Performance follows, exercise a lot of caution here. This section should contain information on how the product worked. Before writing, it is advised to look at the product once more so as to have a firm basis in the use of the product. Highlight what was observed only on the performance. The section should be written in a continuous manner, starting from when the product was switched on to when it was switched off.

         The final part of a product review is the Summary Remarks. The reviewer highlights briefly on the entire article's purpose. Gives an opinion on how the product worked, why it is advisable to have the product, and if there are other products that could go with it. An image of the product should be included to give the article a face.

Following the above format alone is not enough, the product reviewer needs to know the product .                        which is only possible after using the product more than once. It is also necessary to do product comparison in the review to help the reader make an informed choice when doing the purchase. After the review, rate the product as it is a good way of summarizing the review, and also appealing to a reader who lacks the time to read the entire article.

         To sum up, to write a good product review:

  • Write from a personal point of view.
  • Be honest.
  • Do comparisons with other products.
  • Structure your review.
  • Use an image of the product.






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