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How To Write Professional Testimonal

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       how to write testimonial  A testimonial is a written recommendation of a person, basing on their character and performance. It could also be for a product, service, or a company. A person who can confirm the character and ability of the person or institution, writes the document. People request for testimonials and are especially important when someone is applying for a job. Use of the right words and etiquette is required when writing testimonials.

         Professional Testimonials apply formal letter formats; this is because the recipient is unknown. The writer observes formality in the language, style and structure of the letter. The letter starts with the address of the writer; it is the only one in the letter as the document addresses all it may concern. The date is the next item and following closely is the salutation. The letter should contain a maximum of three paragraphs, and then finally the signing off.

         A good testimonial begins with a proper salutation, for example: to whom it may concern or Dear sir or madam. The first paragraph starts with the reason you are writing the testimonial. An explanation of who you are, how you know the person and why you are the most suitable person to do the recommendation follows.

         The second paragraph's purpose is to provide information on the skills and abilities of the concerned party. Explain his qualifications and the reason they are crucial for a given position. State what he has been able to achieve during the time you have known him. You should also highlight the person's strengths and successes. This paragraph confirms that you know the person that you are recommending

         In the third and final paragraph, you explain why you are recommending the person. Include additional information on his behavior and character here. Finally, offer yourself to provide additional information when the need arises, then sign off.


         There are guiding pointers that should help when writing a professional testimonial;

 Be Brief. Only write key information about the person, and should in a precise manner. Prospective employers are looking for engaging statements that make a person outstanding.

Be Real. Only write a testimonial for a person you have interacted with and you know. Express genuine feelings about the person without being too informal.

Be Specific. The goal of the testimonial is to recommend a person by explaining why the prospective employer should hire him, hence, specify a particular thing at a time and be objective.


         When writing the testimonial, assure the prospective employer that the person will work to a certain standard. It is not a reference letter. Therefore, you should not limit the content to only the work experience. Do not give misleading information as doubt can render the document void.

         To conclude, when writing a professional testimonial ensure that;

èUse of formal writing format is observed.

èThe testimonial is brief.

èYou use etiquette.

èYou are the right person to write the right person to write the recommendation.


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