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How To Write A Resume Cover Letter

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How to write a resume cover letter A resume cover letter is an official document, usually one page, that accompanies a job application. The letter introduces the applicant to the hiring manager and fills gaps in the resume. The letter is an applicant's opportunity to convince the company that they deserve the job.

         A good resume cover letter is likely to give you an edge over the rest. Therefore, a few tips on how to write the best cover letter would go a long way.  At the top, be sure to include your name and correct contact details. Do not bother including a postal address if you have none, you only need to include your phone number and an email address.

         A winning cover letter should have a target recipient. Having the name of the hiring manager would be a plus for you. Do not address the manager as “To whom it may concern” or “Dear sir/madam”, it is not only irritating, it is outdated. All human beings like to hear their names mentioned. Moreover, knowing the hiring manager by name is not canvassing. Address them as “Mr” or “Ms.” once you have their names.

         In the first paragraph of your cover letter, do a brief introduction of yourself. Make the hiring manager understand who you are, your skills and how you got to know about the vacancy and why you suit the job. In the second paragraph, show how your skills fit the job description and how you will help the company achieve its objectives. Use the last paragraph to thank them for reading your application and going through your resume. Leave you contact and urge them to get in touch.

         Be sure you have the details of the job. At the subject line or in the opening paragraph of your letter, name the position. If you got to know about the vacancy through an advert or an agency, go through the advert and get as many details as possible. You can also call the company or the agency to find out more about the position. Find out the kind of candidates they are looking for and list your relevant skills that match the position. If the job advert gave a list of desired skills, try as much as possible to respond to the requirements. Show how you have used the skills or your experience before and how you hope to use it if you get the position.

         Find out more about the company and their style of doing things. Tailor your cover letter to suit their language. Speaking a company's language makes them believe you are best fit to join them. Its  name  should be in the job advert, if not, call the advertisers or the agency and ask for it. Once you have it, go to their website and get as much information them as possible.

Proofread and edit your cover letter. Go through you draft to ensure it flows and has no spelling and grammatical errors.

         In conclusion, to write a winning resume cover letter, observe the following:

  • Include correct contact information.
  • Address your letter to an individual.
  • Have details of the job.
  • Have details of the company.
  • Proofread and edit your letter.


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