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How To Write A Literature Essay

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A literature essay analyzes works of fiction, poetry, songs, or drama. It pays attention to structure and style, as it explains the contextual meaning behind the work. The structure of a literature essay is made up of paragraphs stating, information construction, content proving, and a reiterated conclusion. An author uses this structure to put across complex points after comparing his viewpoint to the critical analysis of the literary work. Writing literature essays demand good understanding and mastery of literature. An essayist also knows how to relate a piece of literature to the intended reader. You, too, can learn how to write a literature essay.


ñ  Word processing program

ñ  Literary works

ñ  Paper

ñ  Notecards

ñ  Pen

  1. Choose and read the topic of the piece of literature you want to write on. Your topic can focus on character, plot, them, metaphors or symbolism of your story. Use your notecard to take notes on major elements of the literature essay such as structure, style and viewpoint. Brainstorming is a good source of new ideas for your new topic.
  2. Pick a thesis statement for your literature essay. A thesis statement attempts to answer the reader's question. Read books and articles to discover fresh opinions on your topic. Organize your notecards, as you study these critical texts. Write down and highlight new points to include in your essay.
  3. Find out relevant evidence that will support your thesis statement. Highlight relevant passages within the critical texts, then explain them in support of your thesis. Find out analytical evidence for the thesis. Research original sources of your piece of literature if your research allows you to do so. Always highlight relevant information.
  4. Establish the number of of points for your essay. Use your page-limit goal to determine your points. Where the topic does not deliver required number of pages, choose another topic that will meet the requirement.
  5. Arrange your literature essay in paragraphs. Use the first two opening paragraphs to explain your viewpoint and alert your readers on the context of your essay. The number of paragraphs explaining your viewpoint will depend on the scope of your team.
  6. Make the conclusion of your literature essay. Reiterate your viewpoint and cite all the research sources for your work at the back of your essay.


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