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How to write a Business Essay

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Business essay is written to introduce new business products and propose operational changes. It is also designed to inform and persuade the reader. Business essay writing is mainly used to convey information related to marketing, management, and finance among other business topics. A good business essay delivers relevant content, uses appropriate language, and follows a predetermined layout. Some businesses have their own professional writers, while some rely on their employees who may not be well seasoned. However, your new writers can learn how to write a business essay that is well structured, insightful and compelling by observing specific business essay writing guidelines.



ñ  Business dictionary or glossary

ñ  Word processing program

ñ  (optional) Grammar manual, such as 'The Elements of Style'

Analyse the title of your business essay to determine necessary research material and keywords. Identify your audience to help you make appropriate choice of language and writing style. Select a topic of your interest, if you want to compose your own essay.

Research the title of your business essay. Use the library, internet, government sources and reputable business journals. Surveys and Interviews also provide relevant information for your essay.

Create an outline of your main points, make notes and establish the tone of your writing. Your tone can be informative, persuasive or academic. An outline will help you present your ideas and arguments in a logical sequence.

Use your outline plan to compose a rough draft of your business essay. Avoid unnecessary jargon and use clear, concise language plus constructive business terminology to present your points. Observe correct referencing and grammar styles. A good business essay format or outline contains the following sections: introduction, background, findings, conclusion, bibliography and appendices.

Print and read your business essay draft. Reading will help you identify missing information and redundancies. Reorder some of your draft text to clarify your arguments. Write your final draft, as you enter other necessary information that was missing in the first draft.

Edit and proofread your final draft to churn out mistakes. Read it out aloud to expose unnoticeable punctuation and grammar errors. Allow your colleague to read you the draft to clarify your first reading.

Amend the parts of business essay draft that your are not comfortable with until you remain with a satisfactory copy. Your essay is now complete.


ñ  Exercise enough caution when choosing the colleague to read you your business essay draft. The essay may contain sensitive business information for non-public consumption.



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