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Various Types of Journals

various Types of Journal  A journal is defined as a record of daily or weekly occurrences. It also refers to periodicals that deal with a particular topic or subject and published at different intervals. In academics, a journal is a serious scholarly publication on an area of study and is usually peer-reviewed.

   There are various types of journals. Here are a few examples that are common:



         Trade Journals

         A trade journal is written by experts and players in a given profession, trade or business to inform the public on trends in the industry. It also gives information about new products and the techniques in a given area. Usually, it does not go through a peer-review process but must go through a strict editorial board to ensure the accuracy of the information therein.

         Academic/Scholarly Journals

         It is a serious publication that is always to a single subject or discipline. The articles published in this journal go through a rigorous peer-review process by experts. Such journals are mainly found in libraries and databases that are subscription-based.

         Current Affairs/Opinion Magazines

         It offers an in-depth analysis and reporting without following any scholarly convention. It usually covers a wide range of topics, including politics, science, and any other area that interests the readers. It does not go through a peer-review, instead it goes through an editorial board which has strict policies and stances regarding what is published. This kind of journal is available in major news stands and in libraries.

         Popular Magazines

         A popular magazine is meant for entertainment and to inform the readership without giving an in-depth analysis. This kind of journal focuses on a few subjects that the readers are likely to enjoy. It goes through an editorial review to ensure quality before publishing. It is also subscription-based and is also found in supermarkets and selected vendors.


         A newspaper is a daily, weekly or monthly publication that disseminates news and features. It covers a wide range of topics on current affairs; leisure, religion, politics, and business. It also goes through an editorial board which verifies the information before publishing.

         Personal Journals

        A personal journal is a collection of periodic recordings about an individual's lifestyle activities. People keep different types of personal journals based on their hobbies, occupation or experiences. These include gardening, personal development, reflective, weight loss, nature and daily event (diary) journals.

         Scientific Journals

         A scientific journal is a publication that is intended to communicate the progresses in science. It is highly specialized and goes through a strict peer-review process. It usually details research findings, analysis and impacts of a new scientific product. It is not commonly read and targets a specified audience. Every scientific journal is kept as part of scientific records.

         In conclusion, most journals require that the articles they publish must undergo a peer-review process before publishing. It is a quality indicator of scholarship that is widely accepted. The reviewers, who are experts in the same discipline go through the article to ensure quality and consistency with the existing knowledge.

         Apart from the types of journals discussed above, there are various other sub-types. Below is a summary of the major types:

  • Trade journals.
  • Scholarly journals.
  • Current affairs.
  • Scientific journals.
  • Popular magazines.
  • Personal journals.
  • Newspapers.


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