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Different types of resume

Different type of resume  A resume is a summary of a person's educational background, work experience and skills. It accompanies an application for a job.

         Before you decide on the type of resume to use for an application, it is important to go through the advert and get the requirements. Some of the commonly used types are:

Chronological Resume

         It is the most commonly used type of resume. It lists your work history in chronological order, with the most recent job being at the top. Give a brief account for each of your past positions, detailing your key achievements. It gives prospective employers a glimpse of your capabilities. The Education then follows, which outlines your educational journey; schools attended, grades attained and the major awards and honors.

         Follow your education background with the skills you possess, include those acquired professionally and those that are natural. List the languages you can speak in this section.

         A chronological resume is preferred because it gives an order of work history, giving a prospective employer easy time to gauge your suitability. It also helps you to have a well-detailed work history.

         However, it brings to attention the employment gaps and makes identification of skills difficult if not listed. Use this resume type if you have a strong work history relevant to your desired position.

Functional Resume


         It focuses on skills and relevant work experience acquired over time. It highlights key accomplishments and responsibilities in each area of experience. A functional resume is good for fresh graduates who have no work experience and professionals who are shifting careers.

         A functional resume is, however, not the choice of many employers since it does not give a detailed work history. It is, therefore, advisable to use this type of resume under the guidance of a career advisor.

Combination Resume


         A combination resume blends chronological resume with a functional resume. It starts by giving details of skills and accomplishments, then details of work and education history in reverse-chronological order.

         Work history section only highlights the job titles, details of the company; name and location and the employment dates. The previous section already details your accomplishments in the positions you have held.

         A combination resume is flexible and helps you to tailor your resume. It also gives a detailed work experience that comes in handy in convincing the hiring managers that you are best fit for the job.

Targeted Resume

         It is the most difficult type of resume to write because it takes a lot of time to prepare. It lists only the skills, accomplishments and experience that are relevant to a job opening. This kind of resume brings the best results but needs accuracy to prepare.

         When preparing your resume, find out which one best fits the job you need. Here's a summary of the above types of resume:

  • Chronological resume starts with the details of your work history in reverse order. It is the most preferred by employers.
  • Functional resume focuses on skills and achievements while de-emphasizing work experience. Not commonly used.
  • Combination resume. It mergers chronological resume and functional resume. Regarded as flexible.
  • Targeted resume. It is tailored for a job opening. It takes  a lot of time to prepare but brings back good results.

Resume Samples

When applying for a new job it is important to make a good first impression. Most of the time the resume is that first impression.Below are Samples of Resumes.

FileDescriptionFile sizeCreated
Download this file (eBay.pdf)eBay SampleResume Sample-eBay422 kB2014-07-17 08:16
Download this file (Insurance and Other Companies.pdf)InsuranceResume Sample-Insurance522 kB2014-07-17 07:20
Download this file (iso.pdf)ISO 9001 & CMMResume Sample-ISO 9001 & CMM380 kB2014-07-17 07:18
Download this file (resume.pdf)Resume PaperResume Sample96 kB2014-07-17 07:11
Download this file (Resume_2.pdf)Resume PaperResume Sample-Resume paper356 kB2014-07-17 07:41


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