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Fixing Up FORD

Ford Motors have the excellent history of offering outstanding product items ranging from small cars to luxurious cars to their customers.This article is about Ford Motor Company, emphasizing the Alan Mulally’s dedicating work who is the respectable CEO of Ford, throughout the financial crises of the company. According to the author of this article during the depression of second worst automobile business, Mulally looks to be relaxing and enjoying himself (Alex Taylor, 2009). According tohim Ford has sufficient money to survive the recession or economic downturn.

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Risk Management – An Alstom Case Study

Executive Summary

 The advantages of rail projects involve cheap shipment transport costs, increased in the mobility of passengers, greater economic addition and the environmental advantages from condensed road traffic or develop and improved urban transportation. But for the railways projectsfinancers needs to consider and keep in mind the risks factors that they can face throughout their projects and on the basis of that knowledge they should take some steps and start an awareness programs for those who relate to this project. Risks awareness programs should include the awareness about the hazards and controlled risks along with the steps that can reduce and almost decrease the risks which can be beneficial for the workers and for the rail projects as well.

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Sustainable business strategy

Task 1

a: Global sustainability issues and their impacts on business organisations

Sustainability means satisfying the needs of today’s generation without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfil their own needs. The word sustainability is very common nowadays; it is about our environment, job, business, health, culture, money, country and every other thing which is important for our survival and we want them in the long run. We cannot neglect the importance of sustainability (Berns & et. al. 2009).

Sustainability means everything that is essential for our survival and well-being depends on natural environment. Sustainability creates the ways to maintain the harmony of ecosystem and helps people to fulfil their responsibility for the natural environment in which they live. Sustainability helps us to make sure that we will have natural resources like water, minerals, and plants in the future (Lubin & Esty 2010).

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Sexual Abuse of Children


This research paper deals with child sexual abuse. The main focus of this paper is to identify the causes of child sexual abuse including impacts and consequences of this obnoxious activity. This paper depicts how child sexual abuse damages the social development of a child. An abused child may become a criminal in his or her later life. This paper also suggests how the parents should treat their children, especially how they can teach their children to control their emotional feelings. In proper parenting, love, care and awareness are important factors which help in developing a child’s psychological condition. Child sexual abuse may harm his or her normal mental and psychological growth. In this paper child sexual abuse and its harmful effects are described from social perspective. Social development is seriously hampered due to child sexual abuse. Researchers’ tried to reveal facts in regard to child sexual abuse and to focus on the causes and effects of this problem. A sexually abused child, especially an abused female child, becomes frightened and feels disgust to having sex in her later life.

Key words: Sexual abuse of child, social development, parenting, society, timid, introvert, meek.

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An investigation of challenges facing loaning of information materials to students in university


Library services are very important in modern day as Instructional technology in education is on the increase in modern day learning. The purpose of this study was to investigate challenges facing loaning of information materials in university libraries in Kenya focusing on Kisii University in Kisii County. The specific objectives of this study was to; establish the challenges of availability of information materials for loaning to students, ascertain the challenges of record keeping of borrowed information materials and to find out if students return information materials on due dates and the effects of delayed discharge of information materials on loaning. The researcher used a case study design which brought out more details about the problem. The accessible target population of the study comprised of 15000 students and 50 library officials. The sample size was 1500 students and 15 library officials. Research instruments that were used include questionnaire and interviews with data being analyzed qualitatively by use frequencies and percentages. Presentation of data was made inform of tables. The findings of this study were that records’ keeping of borrowed information materials and the availability of information materials is good and does not affect loaning. Low and poor returning behavior by borrowers is what really affects loaning as it inconvenience other users who needs the same information material which have not been returned or have been returned in poor conditions and thus they cannot be loaned the material for their academic work.

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Analysis of Rational Consumer Behavior


The budget constraint is the initial part of the utility intensification context, and it defines all of the groupings of goods and services that the customer can afford. There are various goods and services to pick from, but economists bound argument to two goods at a time for graphical easiness. For this research paper, the writer focuses on pizza and Pepsi drink. An indifference curve is a graph displaying a combination of two goods that give the customer equivalent gratification and utility. Every point on an indifference curve designates that a customer is indifferent amongst the two, and all points give her or him a similar efficacy.

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Was Jesus God or man?

The Biblical premise for Jesus' humankind might be seen in a few differing places in the Bible. In John 1:14 "The Word changed to flesh and made his home among us. People have seen his magnificence, the magnificence of the One and just, who originated from the Father, brimming with beauty and truth." It expresses that God had descended in human structure. They likewise see the humankind of Jesus through his human conception, developing and learning. He encountered yearning, uneasiness and dissatisfaction (Mark 14:33). He likewise died and buried. The Biblical premise for His divinity/deity is seen in scripture too. Jesus perceived that His case to be God was insufficient to make Him God. There is the seven "I AM's" in the good news of John. Utilizing the expression I AM not just interfaced Jesus to the god of Jehovah however; it additionally connected him to the Old Testament (Exodus 3).

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