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Securing proper assistance is the first great step to managing your way to top quality legal writing. delivers the best quality legal documents. With our fitting hourly rate charges, we ensure to cut down on your client’s legal fees as well as enhance your bottom line thereby saving you time for other important engagements. Legal documents require punch and power which is solely determined by the writing quality and substance. Without proper communication, you are disadvantaged as a lawyer. You may not have power over the law or facts but you can control your writing. This is something is fully aware of that is why we strive to provide you with only the best legal document content.

Our skilled legal writers have the expertise to handle any legal document writing. We work in collaboration with judges, multinational law firm lawyers and private practitioners. Here are the legal documents writing services we offer at

Terms of Service.
The terms of service are usually altered and modified from time to time. For this reason, we always ensure to be up-to-date with the current legal happenings so that we can provide you with the exact data.

End User Agreements.
This is the agreement between you and your client. We will help you write an end user agreement with both your interests clearly stated.

Privacy Policy.
Some clients prefer the non-disclosure package which is intended to safeguard their private information and details. We will help you formulate a privacy policy that will make your clients feel that they can trust you and your services.

Bill Sale.
A bill of sale is a legal document drafter by the seller to a buyer which includes the specific dates and location for the sale and also the exact values or cash amounts received. It indicates the value of sale for which the owner had legal rights to. This document is the evidence to show the transfer of legal title or ownership of title from the seller to the buyer.

Investment Club Partnership Agreement.
At, we have various templates with provisions for partnership name, purpose, starting date, valuation, capital contributions, compensation, accounting, capital accounts, removal or additions of partners and other relevant sections. We understand that the document of agreement needs to be clear and precise.

Contracting Agreement.
This is an agreement that controls the relationship between an independent contractor and a company. It contains the requests of certain service performances by the company. On the other hand, the contractor wills to enter into an agreement with respective duties and rights as to all the services to be performed.

Jury Duty Policy.
It is often required by most states and it’s the employee’s civic responsibility. It helps the employer to simplify the company’s stand point on jury duty to the employees.

Assignment of Contract.
This document shows the transfer of benefits and obligations from one party in an existing contract, also known as the assignor to another party, the assignee. How this contract plays out largely depends on the language of the contract for example prohibition clauses, guarantees or consent of other parties to the assignment.

Legal Notice.
This legal concept notifies another party of any legal processes affecting their duties, obligations or rights. There are various notices such as the public notice, judicial notice, previous notice and constructive notice.

Audit Information Legal Query.
It exists to serve the public. It includes a summary of your rights to question, inspect, and challenge council accounts.

Contract for Logistics Services.
It has the definitions and terms for a clear understanding of the agreement.

Acquisition Agreements.
This agreement is crucial part for when one company acquires another. It entails the specifics of what the seller promises to sell and what the buyer promises to pay in return.

Supplementary on Security and Safety.
This agreement document contains the security and safety regulations of a particular company.

Hiring Agreement.
It is an agreement between the employer and the employee. A clearly written hiring agreement helps reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

Instrument of Ratification of Agreement.
The instrument of ratification is a document that must have the signature of either the Head of Government, Head of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs or any other official with complete power to sign the instrument. It must contain the title of the person who signed it, the date and place of issue.

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