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Executive Summary



Keys to Success

Company Summary


About the Company


Location and Facilities

Products and Services

Competitive Description

Sales Literature



Future Plan

Strategies and Implementation

Strategy Pyramid

Value Proposition

Competitive edge

Marketing Strategy

Positional Statement

Pricing Strategy

Promotional Strategy

Marketing Programs

Sales Strategy

Sales Forecast

Sales Program 



        Executive Summary

         The world has is today a global village. The new digital era has come with all sorts of innovations that aim at making communication easier. In the new era, office information management is revolutionizing with new digital solutions that will make work much easier and enjoyable.

         Many businesses and companies are finding ways to reduce cost while increasing output. Some of these ways include upgrading their office equipments and systems to catch up with the ever changing technologies. To help the businesses cut costs even further, we will provide total work-flow solutions  while utilizing the latest imaging platforms and information distribution systems. Our systems are backed up by a reliable technical and professional support together with a customer care that is proactive and responsive.

         We will form strategic alliances with leading information industry companies that will enable us to offer Local Area Network systems and retrofit the existing LAN.


         Most businesses and companies do not have the technology to connect faster within and without. Some use systems that are either outdated or do not have the capacity to perform bulky communication roles. Our goal is to work with partners to provide a customer-focused paradigm. We will provide quality solutions at reduced costs. It is also our goal to provide introduce a new communication platform for small companies that do not have a strong system. We are not only targeting the smaller companies and businesses; we will also reach out any company that wants an improvement or a total overhaul of its systems.


         To provide the business community with the latest digital information technology solutions with reliable technical and professional support, and unrivaled customer service. We want to improve connectivity for small businesses and companies.

         Keys to Success.

         To be successful in providing the small businesses and companies with efficient digital information systems, we have to understand their office needs. We will also need the cooperation of partners to improve and expand on the services that we offer. We will also comply with the local regulations and the world wide standards on information technology.

         Company summary


         Netic Inc. is a privately-owned company that offers services and sells digital office information systems for small businesses and companies. The company was founded in 2014 by the Netia brothers who have equal stake in the company. The company was founded with an aim of providing information technology solutions to small businesses that cannot afford the expensive services offered by the existing companies.

         Breakdown of the team

  • Rick Netia – bringing innovation such as important software certificates to the team.
  • John Netia _ He is the lead researcher; evaluating and finding new business opportunities.
  • Sarah Gordons _ She is also a researcher working with the customer to determine their needs. She is an IT specialist with seven years experience. She also helps in improving customer's existing systems.
  • Fred Netia _ He is a communications guru and the head of company's marketing department. He helps to promote our services to businesses that would otherwise go without proper information systems within their offices.

         About the Company

         Start-Up Plan


         The company is new but has so far done several research on the target market. The company is venturing into a new industry and has acquired three other small companies that offer similar services. Tego Integrated Office Equipments, Joska Technologies, and Waden Systems had been in the industry for a combined period of ten years offering services to a wide audience. We take up all this with an aim of improving even further on their services to retain this customer base.

         We have also entered into strategic alliances with leading manufacturers, IT service providers and software firms to enable us provide quality services to our customers. These alliances, and especially with the Nanon Technologies, will be pivotal to the success of the company. We will remain a Nanon Authorized Dealer , and pass the benefits of this partnership to our customers. We will also look forward to forming more alliances with other local computer and VARs companies in order to provide complete turnkey packages to the clients.

         Our Products and Services

         Netic Inc. will acquire an existing business that has been in the sale and service of office appliances such as facsimiles, copiers, and printers. The business has been operating in the office equipment industry for over a decade and has a strong base to start from. We will transform the business to add value in the provision of emerging services and technologies in the new information era. We will follow the leads of our partners like Nanon to approach the market from a total information systems solutions viewpoint.

         Our new paradigm will begin by analyzing the client's existing and planned business processes and providing a total workflow solutions with our unique imaging and information platforms. Our systems will be backed by a reliable and professional service and exceptional customer care. The strategic alliances will also help us offer a wide range of services that the customers would not like done at the same time.

         Competitive Description

         We will be the only company that will be offering the latest digital information solution for businesses around in Mays City. We will not only be selling and servicing the systems, we will also ensure we service the clients' satisfaction and loyalty so as to to remain top of their choices. We will follow our mission statement of providing quality digital information technology solutions with strong support to back it up.

         Sales Literature

         Our main goal will be to contact the businesses and small companies that would wish to upgrade their systems or plan to have new systems in place. While most of our efforts will be to communicate with businesses and small companies, we will also reach out to large organizations that would be interested in our services. We will use the following ways to reach out to our target market:

  • Networking: We will take every opportunity we get to be in touch with these businesses at their sites to increase our closeness to them. This will hopefully boost our chances of doing business with them.
  • Conferences: If there are any conferences on technology or anything that has to do with discussing new digital information systems for offices and businesses, that is where we will be.
  • Television: We will put advertisements don local television stations. We have gone through the advertisement rates and settled on a fairer one.
  • Newspapers: We will focus on this for passing around regular circulars. This channel has a wider reach especially to the businesses.
  • Technology: We have a team of engineers who will ensure our systems are up to date with the technological changes.
  • Website: We have fully developed website that we will use to pass important information to customers from far and nearby. will be updated on a weekly basis with the latest trends in technology and offers for the clients.

         Future Plans

         Once we are well established, we will expand on the range of services we offer. We will offer more services that are in line with our vision and mission.

         Strategies and Implementation


        Being different is one of our major goals. We will establish our business as providers of clear and viable alternatives for our customers. We aim to change the paradigm both in the office equipment and digital technology industry. We will shift focus on service and shift away from  the price-centered approach.

         Our marketing efforts as we approach the market will entail the following:

  • A new attitude since we are entering a new technological field.
  • A new approach to information management and control.
  • We will offer new set of behaviors regarding solution selling, systems auditing and joint prospecting.
  • Our new marketing concept will be customer and profit oriented.

         Strategy Pyramid

         We will place emphasis on service and support. We will use four networking expertise, customer relationship system, and systems training as our main tactics. We also have internal training and mailers as networking programs. Other programs that we will use for end user training includes; on-site customer training and direct mail promotions. We will integrate our CRM software with an e-automate corporation.

         We will also emphasize on relationships as a second strategy. This strategy is already marketing our company. The more we keep in touch with the prospective customers the more hooked they will remain to buying our products. This will increase our sales as well as improve our relations. We will use sales literature, and direct mails to market the company. Regular follow-ups will be made with the clients to find out if the installed systems are working perfectly. To increase even more sales per customer, we will emphasize on trainings and sending mails with fliers to the clients with important information.

         Our target market will not narrow to a single city. We will reach out to other nearby towns and states with our marketing strategies to ensure we cover a wider audience. Many small businesses in the country need faster IT management solutions that they are unable to afford because they cannot fit into their lean budgets.

        Value Proposition

         Netic Inc. offers the clients the peace of mind by providing quality products and services that they back up with professional support. We act as allies to our clients and offer them fair prices while listening to their needs.

         We will give the customers free training on how to operate every information management system that we offer them. These will be regularly updated to ensure they are at par with the latest technologies.

         Competitive Edge

         Most companies would choose to work with us because we do not put all our focus on the profit. Rather, we are value-focused and seek to ensure the customer is first of all satisfied before paying. We drive our motivation from customer satisfaction.

         By positioning ourselves as strategic allies to our clients, we have an advantage over our competitors who only view them as sources of profit. We aim to strengthen this relationship so that we have a strong defense against competition.

         Marketing Strategy

         Since we will not be manufacturing the office equipments and the digital information management systems, we will be able to work with the manufacturers to find the best solutions for our clients. We have already created a few relationships with computer companies and software providers and look forward to more such alliances.  This is meant to ensure the customers get the best products and refer their friends and other businesses to us.

         Our emphasis will also be on service and support in order to make our relationship with the customers stronger. We will develop specific programs that are tailor-made for each market segment.  Some of these programs include:

  • Recovery incentives for customers with uptime guarantees and process surveys.
  • Cost effective product/service packages.
  • Wireless LAN installation and administration for corporates.

         Positional Statement

         Netic Inc. will work as a medium between the computer manufacturers and IT service providers  and the clients. As a vendor and service provider that makes sure all its systems are in place and in good shape, Netia Inc. will ensure its information distribution systems are reliable at all times. To ensure they achieve this, they have a staff that are well trained in handling all kinds of customer needs. The staff will at hand to provide support whenever and wherever it is needed.

         Pricing Strategy

         Our aim is to provide high-quality service and support while charging the client appropriately. We have committed to paying our staff good enough to ensure they offer exceptional services to our clients. We hope this can help us balance the cost and revenues for our business.

         We will not add our services and support revenue on our product prices. This will only add the burden to the customer who may in turn opt for cheaper competitors within the industry. Even though the industry does not support this concept, it is logical enough.

         Promotional Strategy

         We will create working relationships with the local businesses and companies to get their attention to our services. We will also employ the following strategies to reach various segments:

  • We will place advertisements in the local newspapers in order to reach new local customers and to inform the existing ones of our new services. The messages will mainly focus on the services we offer.
  • We will continue using direct sales with the segment that contains the medium and the large companies. We will also send direct mails to this segment and offer them personalized system upgrade opportunities.
  • Relationship building will also be a key strategy for Netia Inc. we will. This will mostly target decision makers and managers of various businesses. We will use our services and support to convince them why they should choose us over our competitors.

         Marketing Programs

         We are simultaneously working on our marketing plan as we work to complete this business proposal. We expect the plan to be ready one month after the start-up. We are taking over an existing business and, therefore, we will not anticipate to achieve all our goals overnight. This is a shift that we are a giving a step-by-step approach by carefully planning and judiciously implementing it so as not to interfere with our immediate operations. To this effect, we have hired a team of marketing advisors and consultants to help in designing the marketing plan. We seek to gain credibility in the market as a customer-focused IT solutions providers who focus on service ahead of profit.


         Sales Strategy

          The key selling point for the company will its ability to act as a trusted ally. Our sales focus will be Netic Inc. and the reputation of the leading partners it boasts. We will not focus on our products but rather on the service and support. We seek to convince the customers that we do not just offer product features but total solutions to their changing needs.

         We project our sales to increase our sales to more than $5 million in the third year down from $3 million in the first year of operations. We will focus our sales efforts to local businesses with whom we already have an established relationship. This is to help us create cash flow that would help our business expand its services to a wider market.


         The table below lists some of the important milestones. It indicates the dates, the managers who will be in charge, and the budgets. The table is an indication on the emphasis we put on planning and implementation.


Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Valuation 06/01/13 06/31/2013 $0.00 HH Administration
Complete Business Proposal 06/14/13 06/22/13 $250.00 HH Administration
Submit Letter of intent 07/01/13 07/15/13 $0.00 HH Administration
Choose New Company Name 07/15/13 07/31/13 $0.00 All All
Secure Start Up Funding 07/15/13 08/31/13 $0.00 HH All
Retain Attorney/CPA 07/15/13 08/31/13 $10,000.00 HH Marketing
Negotiate Purchase Agreement 07/18/13 09/15/13 $0.00 All Administration
Set Up New Corporation 07/30/13 09/31/13 $12,500.00 HH All
Solicit Board Members 07/30/13 09/31/13 $0.00 HH HR
 Roll-Over Plan (SPI to IMH) 08/01/13 09/31/13 $0.00 HH Administration
Purchase e-Automate Software 09/01/13 09/31/13 $20,000.00 HH Administration
A/P & A/R into e-Automate 09/01/13 09/31/13 $0.00 WL Administration
Business Licenses/Permits 09/01/13 09/31/13 $500.00 HH Administration
Customers into e-Automate 09/01/13 09/31/13 $0.00 MJ Sales
Inventory into e-Automate 09/01/13 09/31/13 $0.00 WL Service
Letter To Vendors/Customers 09/01/13 09/31/13 $0.00 WL Administration
New Stationary/Brochures 09/01/13 09/31/13 $2,500.00 WL Administration
Obtain Insurance 09/01/13 09/31/13 $25,000.00 WL Administration
Switch Utilities To Netic Inc. 09/01/13 09/31/13 $1,000.00 WL Administration
Web Site Development 09/01/13 09/31/13 $10,000.00 HH Administration
Complete Marketing Plan 09/01/13 09/31/13 $2,500.00 All Sales
Netic Inc. Operations - Day 09/01/13 09/31/13 $0.00 All All
Board of Directors First Meeting 10/04/13 10/07/13 $1,000.00 All All
Company - Kick Off Mtg 10/04/13 10/07/13 $750.00 All All
Sales Strategies & Programs 10/04/13 10/30/13 $2,500.00 MJ Sales
Marketing Strategy & Programs 10/04/13 10/30/13 $3,500.00 KB Sales
First Quarter BP Review 01/10/14 12/14/14 $0.00 All All
Headcount Review 01/10/14 01/14/14 $0.00 OE Sales
New 3-Year Mktg. Plan Due 09/02/14 09/13/14 $0.00 All All
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Sample Service Industry Business Plan

 sample service industry business plan

  1. 0Executive Summary

         Hesaphin Motors is a family-owned business located in Juneau, Alaska. The company has been under the ownership the Trump family since 1999. The business, which started as a single motor repair shop has grown immensely into three other locations and now deals with mechanical and body repairs, washing, vehicle towing and storage. The company recently started selling used cars.

         This business plan outlines the effects of adding a company website. We intend to use it as an additional customer care and sales element for all our services. It will contain information on our garages, staff, offers, location, and expert tips.

         We currently use phones and face-to-face modes of interaction to reach out to our customers that have been excellent so far. The website will add to the vibrant communication strategy and ensure the active interaction with our clients continues.

         It will make it easier to get referrals who will visit our website once our existing customers direct them. The new clients will, therefore, have some knowledge of the company long before visiting our garage.

         We will include a section that will be exclusively for tips and advice to our customers and visitors to our website. We have built alliances with various car experts who will be helping us in this section.


  1. 1Mission

         Hesaphin Motors is a leader in providing excellent automotive services to its customers, whether they need a contract major body work, a used car or car-wash.


  1. 2Keys to Success

         The following will be the keys to the success of our website:

  • We will compile a comprehensive FAQ section that will help the customers get most of the answers to their problems. It will be helpful in keeping them hooked to our website anytime they experience a problem with their cars.
  • We will have a section where experts will be giving advices on issues that are not in the FAQ section. They will also respond to questions raised promptly.
  • We will ensure that the local businesses and existing customers are aware of the website's existence and urge them to visit and recommend it to others.


  1. 3Objectives

         As we enter this new marketing paradigm, our goals are:

  • To generate traffic into our website and to our garages.
  • To expand Hesaphin's customer base.
  • To give the customers useful tips and expert advice.
  • To allow easy bookings for repairs and other services.


  1. 0Company Summary

         Hesaphin Motors is a family-owned business located in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. The company has been under the ownership the Trump family since 1999. The business, which started as a single motor repair shop has grown immensely into three other locations and now deals with mechanical and body repairs, washing, vehicle towing and storage. The company recently opened sales for used cars.


  1. 1Company History.

         Hesaphin Motors has been improving since 1999. Our annual net profits for the last two years have exceeded $ 40,000. Last year, we increased our budget for marketing and realized an increase in sales. We will use a portion of the profit to acquire an online presence through the creation of a website. We hope to increase our sales further through this initiative.


  1. 0Products and Services

         Hesaphin Motors offers mechanical and body repairs, washing, vehicle towing and storage. Late last year, the company also ventured into the sale of used cars.


  1. 0Market Analysis Summary

         Hesaphin targets all or most of the following market segments:

  • Those who own old luxury cars.
  • Those who own sports cars.
  • Buyers and owners of new cars.
  • People who have owned cars for a long time.


  1. 1Market Segmentation

         Hesaphin Motors determines its customers by the type of car they own. Our segmentation method follows the belief that the kind of car a person drives determine his requirements.

  • The owners of new cars are likely to return their cars to the dealers in case they experience problems. They are, therefore, not likely to use our garages for repairs. They will, however, bring their cars for valet and wash services.  We will seek to have them as regular customers of the two services and later repair their cars when their warranties run out.
  • For the owners of old luxury cars who want to keep themselves comfortable while driving, we offer the best services that would keep their cars in the best conditions. This category also has buyers of second-hand cars who want to experience maximum reliability. They rely on our garage for regular services.
  • For the owners of sports cars, who are usually young or of middle age, performance and appearance of their cars is a priority. They will always seek quick repairs in case of any minor accident. These car-owners also come to our garages for regular tune-ups and cleaning services.
  • Another segment consists of those who have had their cars for over five years. They have developed an attachment to their cars for trusted services over the years. They bring these cars for regular repairs and valets.
  • For the buyers of new and used cars, we provide useful links and tips on what to look for in a car. We also sell used cars that they can acquire and get free services for the initial six months.


  1. 2Target Market Segment Strategy

         We are targeting owners of cars that need close maintenance and older cars. We are seeking to add this to our range of services to increase our revenue base.


  1. 3Service Business Analysis

         The car repair industry currently consists of fragments. In each area, there is a dominant dealer targeting the new car owners and buyers of used cars. There are also several small garage and repair shops that get new customers out of emergency repair needs. We belong to this category. We rely on our existing customers for referrals through word of mouth.


  1. 4Competition and Buying Patterns

         We have been in the in the business for more than ten years, earning a spot as the leader in car repair services. Word of mouth has been a useful tool. Our loyal customers and strategic location of our business have also helped us attain this feat.

         However, competition is getting stiffer. Most car manufacturers now encourage their customers to service the cars at franchised dealers. Our competitive edge remains our fair pricing, dependable services, and a loyal customer base.


  1. 0Strategy and Implementation Summary

         We have set a limited budget for the development of the website. We do not intend to use an aggressive marketing strategy to increase traffic into it but will use viral and grassroots marketing to let people know about it. Our business also covers a narrow geographical area hence no need to have large-scale marketing and advertising.

         We will rely on our staff, customers, and neighboring businesses to help popularize our website.


  1. 1Competitive Edge

         Our competitive advantages as we give our services an online presence are that:

  • The website will provide quick solutions to the locals of Juneau, who own cars or are planning to buy.
  • The company prides itself in over ten years of automobile services.
  • We already have other communication strategies that have proven effective in attracting clients. The website will reach more people within a short time.

         Moreover, by having an active website, we will be steps ahead of the local automobile garages. We will be able to arrange bookings with our customers early enough and agree on a suitable schedule and pricing. Through it, we will improve the quality of the services we offer by knowing what the clients need in prior.


  1. 2Marketing Strategy

         We will target all the groups outlined in the market segmentation section. We will dedicate each of them a section of our website to address their unique needs.

         Top on our marketing strategy is the use of stickers that we will put on our customers' back windscreens. We will enter a special agreement with them regarding this. We also intend to have fliers that we will mail to the nearby businesses and homes. In the fliers, we will include an offer of 15% off for new customers who visit our garage after looking at our website.


  1. 3Sales Strategy

         Hesaphin Motors have trained employees who ensure that our clients always leave smiling. We have a customer service team that is always ready to respond to questions promptly. Our facilities have an ample parking space and an attractive car wash. You can park your car for free for thirty minutes as you look around for what suits your car.


  1. 0Web Plan Summary

         Hesaphin Motors majority shareholder Henry Trump has been the champion of developing a website for our company. Besides his vast experience in automotive engineering, he is technology-savvy and is committed to seeing the idea come to fruition. He will work with Samuel Trump, who will help in design, creation and maintenance of the site. Henry will also handle the monthly promotions and FAQ sections of the website.

         Phill and Samuel will generate content for the website on weekly basis. They will also compile various typical car problems and the corresponding tips.


  1. 1Website Demographic Strategy

         Our website will focus on all the target market segments except the lifetime car-owners. The category consist of people who may not be connected to the internet at all. We will also target the locals who may wish to buy used cars. The website will also give them information on cars and what they need to look for when they want to buy cars.


  1. 1Website Marketing Strategy

         We hope to achieve these two goals through this new paradigm:

  • To give our customers (existing and potential) information about their cars and those they intend to buy. We will achieve this by dedicating the FAQ, expert and typical problem sections for their reference.
  • To improve the service experience and customer care by enabling an online booking service. The clients will plan their time and money as they come to our garage. The website will also have a database of the clients' cars and their service records.

         Some of the major sections of the site will be:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers.
  • Experts Section with useful tips.
  • A complete guide to buying a car.
  • Car reviews, for new and used cars.



  1. 2Strategic Alliances

         Hesaphin Motors will rely on Samuel's experience and connections to get into alliances with web companies that will seek to improve our visibility online. We are in talks to interlink our site to those of other local businesses. We hope this will increase traffic to our site.


  1. 3Business Model

         We are building the website to increase our clients' satisfaction rates. An improvement in our services will also see our customer retention rate rise by 20%. We also aim to convince the local customers to have Hesaphin's services over the rest. When successfully launched, the website will improve our overall sales by 15% in the next year.


  1. 4Site Positioning

            Our website will give the clients, especially the owners of sports car tips on how to keep their vehicles in top performing conditions.  The tips will be in such a way that the car-owners can follow the procedures and do themselves. We will provide competitive prices to the sports car owners in case they come for full services.

         Hesaphin Motors' website will provide an interaction platform for the clients who value personal service on their cars. They will use the site to engage the garage and specify their needs. We will focus on all both new and old cars and provide the owners with useful information about their cars.

         We will give buyers a comprehensive information about a range of cars and what they need to look out for when buying a new or used car. The website will provide links to other useful resources that the buyers can view and make informed decisions before splashing the cash on a car. When they visit our website, the potential car owner will be saving time and money.


  1. 5Development Requirements
  • Outline: HTML, ColdFusion, and CSS3 will be the technologies for designing the website.
  • Home-page: Will contain information about the company, location, contact information, staff, links to other websites, and pictures of our services and clients.
  • Section one-FAQ: It will begin with a search. The links to other sites will migrate to the bottom of the page. The section will have a portion for the experts to give tips on various questions and typical car problems.
  • Section two- Bookings: Will begin by displaying available dates. The clients will then browse and pick a date that suits their schedules before confirming the booking.
  • The fist page will also contain a summarized information for those buying or selling cars.


Technical Specifications

         On the front end, the website will have a simple but professional user interface. There will be a minimum use of graphics to enable quicker downloads. We will organize the information in such a way that navigation will be easier for users.

         The user interface will be helpful in the following areas:

  • To allow fast and easy navigation of the website.
  • To attract users back after the first visit.
  • To comprehensively display content in a clear and simple way.
  • To allow the users to interact with our team.

         The back end of the site will be simple, allowing the users to send questions or requests for information. The client will either send an appointment request for cleaning, valeting and repair services or ask questions about any problems they are having with their cars.

         The company will hire a web developer who will work alongside Samuel Trump to ensure all the functionalities are in place.


         Resource Requirements

         The company will hire a web developer, who will help in building the website. We will also hire a secretary with stellar writing skills to help in putting all the information together. The company's co-owners have a combined experience of 40 years in diverse fields and will be instrumental in coming up with the content for the site.


         Future Development

         Once the website is operational, it will be tested and assessed by our experts before making improvements. Once the website is well-established, we will use our experience in e-commerce to improve on our sales by making our sales services online.


  1. 0Management Summary

         Hesaphin Motors is a family-owned business, each of the family members employed oversees the operations in an area of their expertise and talents.

         Henry Trump, who is the majority shareholder, is the chief executive officer of the company. He earned his associates degree in Automotive Engineering from the Griffins College and has worked for four different companies on senior roles. He has also completed various management courses and is one of the founding members of Hesaphin. He oversees the day-to-day running of the business.

         Samuel Trump is the head of Information Technology and Advertising. He has Masters in Software Engineering from the University of Athens and has over ten years experience as an IT specialist. He is also in charge of personnel training. He is spearheading the development of the company's website.

         Phill Trump is the head of mechanics. He has over eight years as an automotive engineer. He earned his degree from the Griffins College in 1995. He is in charge of operations in the mechanical department and will work with Samuel in putting together the content for the website.

         Mariana Trump handles all the company's finances and the payment of employees' salaries and filing taxes. She is an experienced accountant having worked for major multinationals like Coca-Cola in senior positions. She holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree from the University of Newcastle.


  1. 1Personnel Plan

         Hesaphin Motors currently has twelve full-time employees in the mechanics department and another six in the car wash, valet and sales services. If the website improves our sales, we will add three more information technology experts to help with the maintenance of the site.




  1. 1Website Costs

         The company will spend $20,000 on developing and regularly maintaining the website. For future improvements, we will use a similar amount after an assessment of the impact of the site on our sales.

         Hesaphin Motors will have a slightly lower cost/price spread for the web-related sales, we will, however, include coupons and discounts once the website is active. We will cover these costs with the budget set and more should there be a need.


  1. 2Website Revenues

         We anticipate that our sales will increase by 15% once we are online. We have compiled reports from the neighboring businesses that had in the past adopted the online sales strategy.


         8.3 Projected Cash Flow

         Hesaphin Motors is currently in a strong cash position and can afford the website development costs and expenses.


  1. 4Risks and Assumptions

         The risks with our new website are:

  • People will get a lot of useful information from different places that they may choose to implement on their own.
  • The locals may think Hesaphin as a small garage and might not have all the car information they need.
  • Car manufacturers are encouraging buyers to opt for franchised dealerships for repair services.

         The assumptions made are:

  • The website will get proper support and provide quick updates and answers to the users.
  • The interactions will be lively, and responses to emails timely.
  • That the employees, especially at the garage will be aware of the information on the website and ready to help our clients at any moment.


  1. 5Contingency Plan

         At the moment, a contingency plan is not of great concern to the company. We expect that the integration between the website and Hesaphin Motors will be minimal. If we are not able to realize the projected results, it will remain in place just to inform prospective customers about the company; opening hours, location, and the services offered.

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Sample Manufacturing Business Plan



sample manufacturing business plan

  1. 1The Company


         Gibsons Inc. is a start-up company that designs molds and prototypes for manufacturers in the production industry. Our products will help the manufacturers in fabricating consumer products. The company has developed a revolutionary software for design; Vitro Digital Design (VDD) which has a patent. Our plan at this initial stage is to create a manufacturing facility for molds and prototypes for our clients. Our business will be customer-focused, and we aim to provide them with superior quality, unrivaled customer service, and competitive prices.


         1.2 Products and services


        Gibsons Inc. will utilize the Vitro Digital Design (VDD) to design and manufacture the molds and prototypes. We plan to involve our customers in all the stages of design to ensure that the final product meets their needs. It will enable us to reduce flaws and errors in our designs by detecting them early enough. We intend to position ourselves as a forward-thinking and customer-focused company that invests and adopts new technologies and ideas. These initiatives will hopefully put us a step ahead of our competitors.

         With the help of our sophisticated technologies, a unique software and efficient processes, we will compete on quality and price. The software is a great advantage we have in the industry.


        1.3 Market Analysis

         A substantial portion of United States' GDP is made up of the manufacturing industry. The mold and prototypes sector generates annual sales of more than $4 billion. The economy of the country, therefore, relies on it for growth. Within this industry, we have identified two markets that are strong and with great potential for growth. These are the medical equipment and automotive parts manufacturing. From our market research, we realized that the auto-makers continually respond to their customers' changing demands by making cars that are fuel-efficient. The medical industry also develops new technologies, thus the need to provide new parts with great designs suited to the changes.


         1.4 Strategy and Implementation

         We will use the latest technologies in our facility to help us achieve our goals. We will keep updating to catch up with our customers' varying demands. We will also implement operational processes that are highly efficient and aimed at producing quality products. We intend to use an aggressive marketing of the company and our unique software; VDD using a targeted marketing strategy.

         We will use direct mail, online and print advertising as well as attending relevant trade expos and shows.



        1.5 Management

         Our management team currently has a president, Gibson Bird, Vice President John Truman and Operations Manager Wilson Cousin. We intend to add more key positions which include Finance, Sales and Marketing, human resource and IT managers.


        1.6 Financial Plan

         Our revenues will come from selling manufactured molds and the design services we will offer. From our financial analysis, we look forward to attaining a profit margin on 63% by the middle of 2016. We expect to achieve break-even point by making sales of $ 577,800 which will see us reach profitability before the end of the third year.


        1.7 Sources and use of funds

         Gibsons Inc. has raised $ 200,000 in venture capital funds. The co-owners; Gibson Bird, John Truman, and Wilson Cousin have also invested a total of $450,000 into the company. The company requires an additional $2,950,000 to launch. The company is at advanced stages of negotiating for funds from investors and other agencies.

         We will use the funds to cover build-out costs, the facility, software, equipment, utilities and other initial operating costs.


        2.0 THE COMPANY


        2.1 Company and Industry.

         Gibsons Inc. is in Tinedad, Washington. We will design and manufacture molds and prototypes that manufacturers use in metal casting and forming different materials such as rubber, plastic or glass. We will operate within the manufacturing industry and have a NIES Code 390278 classification. 


        2.2 Ownership

         Gibsons Inc. will be co-owned by partners who have equal shares. The partners include Gibson Bird, John Truman, and Wilson Cousin. The company was formally incorporated in Tinedad in January 2015.


        2.3 Company History


         Gibsons Inc. is a new company that will quality molds and prototypes using the latest technologies in design. The company will also employ the use of high-tech machines and e-commerce technology with innovative operational processes.  The company's co-owners have a combined experience of over 45 years both in the manufacturing industry and software development. The creation of Gibsons Inc. came as a result of recognizing the need to add value to the customers and to change their experience for the best.


        2.4 Facilities

         The company is presently operating from temporary offices at the Tinedad business center. We are in talks to lease a facility in the city which will also be our manufacturing unit. We have identified the industrial space that will accommodate engineering and product development. The proposed space will also have a mold shop, administrative offices, and a quality assurance area.


2.5 Key Assets

         The Vitro Digital Design is our greatest innovation. The software allows for real-time design, with the customers getting an opportunity to work with our design engineers. It will enable us to have a wider coverage of the target market and do deliver according to our clients' needs.



3.1 Description

         Gibsons Inc. will make molds and prototypes that companies will use in the manufacture of consumer products. A mold has steel and aluminum components and gives shape to a product when it is still in a liquid state. Manufacturers of plastic, glass, metal products use it.

         Our molds will undergo three stages of manufacturing: our engineers will first work on the design. They will work with the clients should there be a need. The engineers will then inspect the molds and test them to ensure quality. We will then use precision machines to manufacture the molds in order to get the desired results.


3.2 Features and Benefits.

         Our unique design software will be a difference from our competitors. Once we acquire a client's attention, they will experience our unrivaled customer care and exceptional quality and fair pricing.

         Unlike our competitors who list cheap pricing at the top of their mission statement, Gibsons Inc. will focus on quality using the latest technologies. We will ensure we deliver beyond our customers' expectations and help them save money while getting quality products.


3.3 Competition

         Our primary competitors are companies that provide mold-making and design services similar to ours. Our list of competitors is long and are at and advantage of having an established customer base.

         Even though most of these companies have injection machinery that they can use to manufacture the actual products, a majority is not taking full advantage of latest technologies. Furthermore, they do not use the modern operating processes making their customers bear the burden  of overhead costs and longer turnarounds.


3.4 Competitive Advantage

         Gibsons Inc. will maintain competitive pricing and quality products with the help of their latest innovative technologies and operation processes. Our efficiencies in technology and operations will give us an edge with speed, cost, and design. We hope to define ourselves with these advantages as the leading mold maker in the industry. Moreover, the Virtual Design Center is patented, and the competitors will not be able to acquire it from us.


  1. 5Development

We intend to expand and create another manufacturing facility for an injection mold. It is a plan for the future when the company shall have grown and can control all its operations from design to the final stage. We will also stay updated with the trends in technology and upgraded our machines and equipment as needed.



4.1 Market Size

         There are over 300,000 manufacturing companies in the United States. Their annual sales combined totals to about $4.5 trillion. The mold manufacturers, on the other hand, are over 3,000 with combined sales totaling to over $6 billion. Gibsons Inc. aims to capture a portion of these sales by utilizing a targeted approach that pursues definable segments of the market. 


4.2 Target Customer

         As stated earlier, our initial market target will be medical equipment and automotive industries. These markets are distinct and with different requirements. The purchasing decision in the car industry is driven by price while the medical equipment industry's focus is on quality and speed of delivery.


4.3 Trends

         The automotive industry has about 250 companies within the manufacturing sector, bringing in a revenue of about $400 billion. A few major players may swallow the sales, but there is need to manufacture various parts for each vehicle. It will give us a niche in this market. Our specialization in molds makes us well-suited to answer to increasing demands for vehicle parts.

         The medical equipment industry is ever-evolving. There are always researchers trying to improve the procedures or the products. This constant product change calls for new molds. The technological advances in this industry gives us the confidence that it is a potential market for Gibsons' products.

4.4 SWOT Analysis


  • Gibson's potential for local and global customer base.
  • We have the expertise in software development.
  • Our patented software.
  • We have the expertise in production and manufacturing.
  • Deep understanding of emerging technologies.
  • Competitively priced products.
  • Target market understanding.
  • Unrivaled customer service.


  • The company has no history.
  • Narrow customer base.
  • New employees.


  • We are introducing a new technology into the manufacturing industry.
  • We have a chance to build a reputation.
  • We are bringing new talents on board.
  • Our technology brings into the industry innovations and applications.


  • The competitors could develop new technologies.
  • Unprecedented fluctuations in market demand.
  • Acquiring and retaining talented staff members.


  1. 1Philosophy

         Our business philosophy is to prioritize our customers' needs in all our activities. Our mission is to give them products of superior quality, fast turnaround, and unrivaled customer care. With our leading design technology and new facilities, we look forward to leading the industry in providing exceptional services.

         Implementation of this plan will be helpful in achieving our goal of leading the industry. We will invest in the latest precision machinery once our manufacturing facility is ready. We will also set the highest quality control standards and use a comprehensive software in design.

  1. 2Internet Strategy

         Gibsons Inc. has positioned itself from the beginning as a company driven by technology. We intend to continue with this. We have contacted a web-designing firm and have secured a domain name for our premier website; We are in the process of integrating our design technology into the website.

         The website will feature our success stories and the images of our products. It will also be our interaction site with our clients. They will ask questions and state their preferences to which our customer care team will promptly respond.

  1. 3Marketing Strategy

         Gibsons Inc. recognizes the critical role played by marketing. Our sales and marketing team is working on an extensive marketing plan that will ensure our products penetrate the market. A public relations firm has been hired to help the company set up a competent marketing department.

         Gibsons Inc. will appeal to clients based on its quality services, unrivaled customer service, and fast turnaround. We will also position ourselves as the market leaders in integrating technology into the manufacturing of molds.

         We have a publicity campaign as part of our marketing plans that will be used to introduce the company and the Vitro Digital Design. Later, we will launch adverts in publications that deal with automotive manufacturing and medical equipment. We will also send our targeted customers direct e-mails as a means of getting closer to them.

         We will also attend trade shows and expos as a way of getting our products out to the market. We will carry our promotional items and marketing materials to these shows.

         To create even more awareness of the company locally, we will organize and participate in charity events that aim at addressing different courses. Gibsons will also liaise with local institutions to offer internships and training to students. 

  1. 4Sales Strategy

         Gibsons Inc. intends to have a focused sales team that will help secure and maintain relationships and businesses. The team will be highly motivated with performance-based commissions and bonuses. We intend to bring one of the outside sales personnel into the company. The staff will be trained to handle customer service duties. The sales team will help to secure deals and attend expos as well as get referrals.

  1. 5Strategic Alliance

         We intend to build relationships and form alliances with both local and regional companies providing injection-molding manufacturers. We have already secured one with Weedern Ltd, which is in Linton county. We are in talks with more companies.

  1. 6Operations

         The plant facilities that we have acquired will be used proportionately to serve all the company's needs for the time being. We will have laboratories, shops (for tools and molds), testing and control area, storage and administrative offices.

         We will have trained staff in all the areas. The administrative offices will have space for the marketing and sales, IT, maintenance, human resource and the executive.

         To enable ease of operations, we will require the following equipment and software:



  • Spider, LSA 7500 & LSA 4000.
  • Evden270, Evden444 & Evden600V.
  • Vintage, Titan, and Maxim.
  • RVT Tooling.


  • LiquidWorks.
  • Turfcom.
  • AutoCAD

         Gibsons Inc. will ensure cost control and quality by utilizing the latest software and precision machinery. We also hope to be ISO 9001-2000 certified once we are operational. We will follow the medical standards to ensure our products are quality.

         Our knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing industry is our strength. We have identified the assets that we have and those that we intend to add. We will also add more staff to our managerial team that will help us achieve our ambitious expectations.

  1. 7Goals 

We have laid a list of goals and milestones that we hope to accomplish in the next five years:

  • Secure enough funds for the start up
  • Build suitable manufacturing facilities.
  • Purchase equipment, machinery and supplies.
  • Hire talented staff.
  • Open shops to get our products into the market.
  • Target and penetrate the market.
  • Achieve sales goals.
  • Become a value-adding company with customers at the center of all activities.

         Our priority goal at the moment is to secure enough funds for the start-up. Gibsons will establish itself as a leading service provider in the industry.

  1. 8Exit Strategy

         In case the management, partners or investors seek an exit from the company, we will be ready to pursue various options. We would favor selling the company to a manufacturing company dealing in related products.  Once we are well-established, we would also explore other strategies.

  2. 1Organizational Structure

         At Gibsons Inc., we understand the importance of an enthusiastic and loyal team to increase productivity and reduce turnover. The management of the company encourages mutual respect and responsibility. We will present our employees with an atmosphere of open communication and genuine appreciation.

  1. 2Leadership 

         The company will be managed by the President Gibson Bird, with assistance from the other executive staff members; Wilson Cousin and John Truman. The company will establish a board of directors to oversee its general running.

As stated earlier, we will bring in more talent into our team. These will include human resources, finance, sales and marketing directors. There are several suitable candidates who have expressed interest in joining our company.

         At the beginning, we will fill the gaps in our management team before proceeding to mid-level management and administrative personnel.

  1. 3Advisors and Board Members

         The board of directors will consist of the shareholders of the company, managers and officers and will be chaired by President Gibson Bird. The board will among other roles handle:

  • Appointment and review of employees' performance.
  • Establishment of objectives and policies for the company.
  • Ensuring there is sufficient finance and drafting and approving budgets annually.
  • Being accountable for the performance of the company at all times.

         The company will also appoint professionals such as accountants, lawyers and players in the automotive and medical equipment industries to join the board of directors.

  2. 1Requirements

         Gibsons Inc. needs $4,450,000 to start up. The company is lobbying for funds from investors and seeking partnerships with related companies. We are also in the process of negotiating for business loans besides exploring other financial options.

         Currently, the company has raised $500,000 and are seeking the remaining funds to kick off its operations. We have raised $200,000 from venture capital while the three principles have each invested $150,000.

  1. 2Use of Funds

         The funds raised for start-up will be used in covering the operating costs, taxes, payroll and other utilities. We will also purchase equipment, software and machinery with the funds. About 40% of the funds will go to assets while the other 60% will go to operational costs.

  1. 3Income Statement Projections

         We have attached an income statement that clearly demonstrate our ability to earn profitability within the projected time. The company projects a gross profit margin of 72%. By the fifth year, we will have an average of $75,075 in net income while our monthly expenses will average at $119, 456. We hope to achieve break-even point by the end of our third year in operation.

7.5 Balance Sheet

         Our sources of capital will determine our balance sheet. We intend to raise over $ 2.5 million through loans and another $1.8 million through equity capital. Our assets will consist of leasehold improvements, cash, software, equipment, and tangible assets.

7.6 Assumptions

         We base our projections on the current trends in the manufacturing industry and hoping that they will continue. We hope that government and industry regulations will not interfere with our business projections. However, we remain positive having seen no indications of any negative interferences. Moreover, the company will not rely on any regulation or legislation to achieve its projections.

FileDescriptionFile sizeCreated
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Sample Web Design Company Business Plan


  1. webdesign company business plan0Executive Summary.

         Robid Inc. is a small firm located in Kapolei, Hawaii. We are a start-up company offering web and internet services to small businesses and institutions in Kapolei City. We offer services in website design, development, hosting, marketing, maintenance, and analysis.

         We have ventured into the web service industry to offer superior and unique services to small businesses and institutions. Our experience and expertise in web sales and e-commerce gives us a backing to provide solutions that are currently lacking in the market.

         There is an all-time high demand for web development and marketing for small businesses with signs of rising further. Interestingly, few web developers have taken advantage of this opportunity, leaving the industry with no dominant participants.

         The high costs of the projects and the focus on bigger companies and institutions could be the contributing factor as to why this market remains untapped. We have a system that will reduce the project costs dramatically giving us the opportunity to offer quality services at reduced costs.

         We have prepared this business plan to highlight some of the aspects of our business and systems. It details the market demands and growth, and outlines the projected profit margins and cash flow over the next four years. 

  1. 1Objectives
  • To generate revenues of $300,000 by the end of our first year of operations.
  • To attain a net profit of 30% in the first year and 40% in the second year.
  • To have a 70% gross margin by the end of the first year.
  1. 2Keys to Success
  • We will offer quality web services to small businesses and institutions at affordable prices.
  • To build and tailor our services for the small businesses.
  • We will establish alliances and partnerships with Internet service providers and companies in computer consultancy.
  1. 3Mission

         Our mission is to provide accessible,and streamlined web and Internet services to small businesses and institutions. Using our system, we will offer various types of web solutions that will be tailored to serve the changing needs of our clients.


  1. 0Company Summary

         Robid Inc. is a company still at the start-up stage. We will provide quality, affordable and high-end web services to small businesses and institutions. We will also help our clients improve their existing marketing and web services. We have established a system that will help us in web development, marketing, hosting and maintenance to offer the high-end services the bigger business get.


  1. 1Company Ownership

         Robid Inc. has been incorporated and has its offices and facilities in Kapolei County, Hawaii as of September 30, 2013. The company is co-owned by Richard Walker, the chief executive officer and David Hart, the Information Technology Director.


  1. 2Start-up Summary

         We have a well-thought out start-up plan that will help us move forward with proper marketing tools, equipment and personnel get us started. The owners have an initial cash investment of $50,000 each to acquire office furniture, software, and computers. To make the kick-off of our operations faster, the owners have also dedicated a total of 4,000 working hours until the business is established.

         We require a total of $95,000 that will help us with the capital and enable us run for the first months of operations. The money will fund employees' initial salaries and equipment. It will also cover our expenses until our cash flow is stable. We have secured a loan of $100,000 from the Kapolei Commercial Bank to supply the capital needed.


        2.3 Company Location and Facilities

         Robid Inc. has leased a commercial office space at the Kapolei business center for three years with an option of renewal within sixty days. The space can accommodate fifteen workstations for all our employees.

         The Kapolei business center is located within the Kapolei city, a walking distance from the county headquarters.


        3.0 Services

         Robid Inc. will be a provider of internet service solutions for small businesses and institutions within Kapolei. Our focus will be on website services. We will offer the following services:

  • Web development and design.
  • Web marketing.
  • Analysis.
  • Web hosting and maintenance

         The new services will be additional to our range of existing services which include:

  • Developing e-commerce for businesses.
  • Renovation and upgrading of websites.
  • Maintaining websites.
  • Website training and seminars.
  • Constructing databases.

         Once we are established, we will also offer services in the following areas within the first three years of operations:

  • Installing Local Area Network for small businesses.
  • Website marketing.
  • Intranet set-up and installation.



        3.1 Service Description

         Web development and design: Robid Inc. will offer a unique and customized web experience to each client's needs. We will model our designs to the caliber the large organizations get.

         Web analysis and marketing: After building or upgrading a client's website, we will offer them these services for free. We have the expertise to test and analyze websites using the set standards. We will test the site's functionality, scalability, main customer base and its ease of use. We will then the give the client a detailed report with expert recommendations.

         Web-hosting and Maintenance: We have been offering these two services and will use them to gain residual income as we venture into a new field.


  1. 2Sales Literature

         Robid Inc. currently has a sales brochure containing all the pertinent information about the company and its services. We have included our company's strong history, pictorials and pricing guidelines. It also has some background of the Internet and the rapid growth the industry has realized over the last few years and how suitable it is for small businesses and institutions.

         We have an active website ( that has all the information about the company and other helpful resources that small businesses can use. The website has regular updates and gives room for interactive sessions with our clients.

         The company will also produce fliers and create a mailing list for the targeted customers. The fliers will help sell our services to businesses that we have not been in touch with while the mailing list will help us to maintain contact with the established customers. We will also send soft copies of our brochures with the emails.


  1. 3Fulfillment

         Besides our existing team of experts in web-hosting and maintenance, we will hire professionals in web development and design to ensure proper handling of clients' needs. Our experts will be divided into teams of three to work better on different client requirements and as part of collective learning. We will have a senior developer reporting to the IT Manager and will oversee all the groups' operations.

         We have also formed alliances with industry leaders to ensure our services are of superior quality. We are working on more partnerships with an aim of lowering down our costs further and giving our consumers the benefits as well. It is one of the ways we are hoping will set us apart from our competitors.


  1. 4Technology

         Technological innovations influence most of our operations. We use the latest software and hardware components in all our office equipment and machinery. We intend to invest in additional tools to help us meet the customers' requirements more efficiently. We will acquire data storage facilities that can handle large volumes and latest scanning machines.

          We are in the initial stages of reaching an agreement with one of the major software vendors to license an automatic upgrade of our new software.


  1. 5Future Services

         Installation of Local Area Network (LAN) services: With the increasing number of small businesses using computers and the Internet as necessary office tools, there is an urgent need to meet their new demands. We will help the businesses from purchasing to configuring the computers and educating their employees on the operations.

         Installation of intranet set-up: We will help our clients implement their websites for business use. We will include in their websites catalogs for their products, employees and accounting information. These will only be accessible to the client's management.

         Marketing: We will offer our targets an aggressive package that they will find difficult to turn down. We will use results as the basis for the fees and the client will be at liberty to decline payment if they are not happy. Our allies will help achieve this initiative through their websites and other publications.


  1. 0Market Analysis Summary

         Robid Inc. will focus on small businesses and institutions that are looking to develop or upgrade their web presence. Our approach will be step-by-step; starting with simple, basic website and improving it to meet their changing needs.

         Our service will bring on board any small business that needs an internet presence, but we will concentrate more on those that need more details about their operations online. Such companies will most likely go for all or some of the following services:

  • A shopping cart or e-commerce.
  • Dynamic features and content.
  • Aggressive marketing of products online.



  1. 1Target Market Segment Strategy


         We will focus our marketing efforts towards attracting institutions and small businesses. We reached this decision after a careful market analysis and identifying the needs of this market segment. The high demand for web services by this market is an opportunity that will not necessitate expensive marketing to attract.

         Most businesses are migrating to the Internet at a faster rate. Small businesses have also made online presence a top priority that creates a high demand for our services.


  1. 3Market Trends


         The most notable trend in the industry currently is the mass migration online. Small businesses are either waiting to migrate or are looking to upgrade their already existing sites to suit the rapidly changing industry.

         Major businesses and companies are also taking their daily operations to the internet. Office tasks and general business operations have moved to the web, and we expect more to develop out of this.


  1. 4Market Growth

         Our target market has expanded and grown at a rapid rate to cope up with the changing technologies. We have put together some evidence to support this exponential growth:

  • Small businesses of one to 150 employees were spending around $50 billion in 2010 to either gain Internet presence or upgrade their efforts. In 2013, the number was up by $25 billion.
  • There is a rise in the number of Internet users at home and small businesses. In 2010, a combined 26% of Internet users were in this category compared to the 38% in 2013.
  • The number of Internet users in the U.S has grown from 300 million in 2010 to 450 million in 2013.
  • Moreover, e-commerce now generates a revenue of $10 trillion, rising from $6 trillion in 2010.



  1. 5Service Business Analysis

         Companies in the web development and service industry vary with size and nature of services. Robid Inc. will provide a unique alternative that the existing providers do not have. The bigger web development firms ignore our target market making it unique. We will start with this market before moving to attract the larger businesses with our unique services.


  1. 6Main Competitors
  • Peetle Graphics: It is located 5 miles from Kapolei and provide graphic and web development services. They have a loyal and established customer base. However, the company has only two employees; Mr. John Peetle and his son Peter. They work from home and are unable to meet all the needs of the market.
  • Create Innovations: They are located 10 miles from Kapolei and offer web development and design services to small businesses in Kawai and neighboring towns. They have a fairly wide customer base due to their large area of operation. They offer services to small businesses but charge highly, which does not go well with most of their clients.
  • Wackyweb Inc.: It is located approximately 30 miles from our offices and offer services in marketing and web development. They have been in existence for over seven years and have a talented team of programmers and developers. Their pricing is, however, too high for the small and medium-sized businesses that they are now trying to attract.



  1. 7Business Participants

Three types of firms make up the web services industry:

  • Large companies: They generate high revenue and serve top companies. There are a few dominating participants in this category worldwide.
  • Then there are firms that offer proprietary, all-in-one pre-fabricated web services to any company at low costs. There are a few dominating companies in this category that have other sources of revenue and only offer web services as part of their customer relations.
  • Small firms: This is where Robid Inc. belongs. The companies in this category are young and small and usually target small-sized businesses.



  1. 8Market Segmentation


         The nature of our services and our location enables us to serve small businesses and institutions no matter their location. We plan to expand to other cities but will in the meantime use our communication technologies to get in touch with customers in other parts of the country. We, however, expect a greater percentage of our market to come from Kapolei.


  1. 0Strategy and Implementation Summary

         At start-up, Robid Inc. will focus all the sales and marketing efforts to the city of Kapolei and its environs.

         The company will market itself as web services and internet providers devoted to giving the small businesses a taste of what the top companies get. We will also target the small institutions  and other companies that are keen on giving their services a web presence.


  1. 1Competitive Advantage


         The fact that our services target small businesses gives us an edge over our competitors. By setting up strategic alliances with some of the web and Internet-related companies, we will offer our customers efficient and affordable web services that will meet their demands.

         Our lead information technologist and co-owner, David Hart has a vast experience in commercial web design and development. His expertise will be an asset to Robid Inc.


  1. 2Marketing Strategy


         We will approach and follow up all the prospective clients with a clear and thorough marketing strategy. We will give them all the details about the web and Internet so that they do not get confused and intimidated along the way.


  1. 3Marketing Programs


         We intend to join the following organizations as part of our initial marketing programs:

  • Hawaii Chamber of Commerce.
  • Kapolei Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Ranier partnership.

         We will conduct a large-scale marketing project in our first month of operations which will include:

  • Advertising on various local radios.
  • We will place adverts on various business publications and journals with wide readership.
  • We will put up billboards on the major city highways.



  1. 4Pricing Strategy


         Robid Inc. will establish a pricing system to guide our clients on the nature of the services and the corresponding prices. Since we will be dealing with a market segment that tries to reduce costs, we will charge our services on an hourly basis. It will make the clients understand the services that will most likely cost them more.


  1. 5Promotion Strategy


         Since our target market is distinguishable, we will use a direct approach in marketing our services. We will use yellow pages directories to place our adverts. Robid Inc. will also put feature adverts in business publications with a wide audience like the Hawaii Business Journal.

         We will also send out direct e-mails targeting our potential clients with the company's offerings. Mass media adverts in radios, television, and billboards will add to these marketing strategies.

         The company's co-owners are experts in their various fields and often get invitations to speak in seminars. They will use these opportunities to market Robid Inc. as the choice for businesses that are looking for visibility online.


  1. 6Sales Strategy

         We will sell service, value and quality to our prospective clients. We will need to convince them that having an online presence is a worthy course for their businesses. We have a database that has proven useful in getting new business contacts and establishing relationships.

         Our customer care team will use the list to call the owners, calling them by their first names and having an informal conversation. The caller then convinces the business owner of the importance of having a website.


        5.7 Strategic Alliances


         We have established four strategic partnerships with two Internet service providing companies and another two with computer consultancy firms. We intend to use the alliances to attract more businesses and referrals from our competitors.


  1. 0Management Summary

         Robid Inc. is a partnership between two individuals who have equal shares in the company. They will all serve as directors. Richard Walker attended Gareth college and earned his Associates Degree in Management. He has completed various courses in business and management with hands-on experience in various positions. He has over seven years of experience in sales and another two as a web-related commercial manager. He will serve as the executive officer of the company.

         David Hart has vast experience in web development and strategies. He has over five years in web sales and has attended various courses and seminars on web development. He previously owned a web designing company prior to the formation of Robid Inc. He will serve as the company's director of IT and in charge of innovations.


  1. 1Organizational Structure

         Robid Inc. will be managed by the co-owners. They will conduct recruitments for important positions like office managers, accountants, marketing, customer care and human resource.

         When the company is well established, we plan to have a board of directors which will consist of professionals drawn from various fields related to the industry. In the meantime, Richard Walker will be in charge of all the finances while David Hart will take care of web services and employee management.


  1. 2Management Team Gaps

         The two directors will need management support in marketing and business development departments. They feel that their prior experience did not need these much of these departments. The company will contact an accounting and a public relations firm to assist in setting up the two departments.


  1. 3Personnel Plan

         We will implement a system that will focus developing a team and will consist of three web developers and two sales people. The web development team will have one highly-qualified staff while the other two may be lesser-qualified. The team will work on different projects as provided by the sales people. The senior developer will report to the IT Director and will ensure the junior developers' work is of high-quality.


  1. 0Financial Plan
Start-up Expenses
Business Cards $460
Phone Line Install (Two Lines) $1150
Computer Monitor $2200
InfoUSA Database $4000
Office Equipment $2580
Dedicated Server Setup Fee $1150
Membership Fees $1600
DSL Setup and Install $1350
Phones $1160
Total Start-up Expenses $22,650
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $17,000
Other Current Assets $27,650
Long-term Assets
Total Assets $34,650
Total Requirements $97,800
Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses to Fund $2,650
Start-up Assets to Fund $24,650
Total Funding Required $27,300
Non-cash Assets from Start-up $7,650
Cash Requirements from Start-up $17,000
Additional Cash Raised 0
Cash Balance on Starting Date $17,000
Total Assets $44,650
Liabilities and Capital
Current Borrowing
Long-term Liabilities $20,000
Accounts Payable
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free)
Total Liabilities $20,000
Planned Investment
David Hart $25,000.00
Richard Walker $25,000.00
Additional Investment Requirement
Total Planned Investment $7,300
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) ($2,650)
Total Capital $44,650
Total Capital and Liabilities $24,650
Total Funding £97,500
  1. 1Assumptions

         We have prepared this plan with an assumption that the economy will remain steady with the standard number of players in the industry. We also hope that there will be less interference from the government and the industry regulators.


  1. 2Projected Balance Sheet

        The nature of our balance will largely depend on our sales during our first five months of operations. 

FileDescriptionFile sizeCreated
Download this file (024_R1_Sample_Web_Design_Business_Plan_2015_08_11_13_18_19_642_2.pdf)Sample Web Design Company Business Plan pdf 91 kB2015-08-12 11:57

Sample ICT Business Plan

Sample ICT Business Plan

Sample ict business plan

1.0 Executive Summary

         This business plan marks the new course taken by Bookmark Writers as it expands its operations to venture into delivering ICT services. The company is also re-naming as Bookmark Services Ltd. Since 2010, the company has been providing writing solutions to students, researchers and the general public. We have built business processes to support our venture into the ICT Industry.

         Moreover, over the last one year, the company has made some changes to the arrangements of its corporate governance to provide a suitable platform for growth. With the signaling of its uniqueness reflected by the change of name, Bookmark Services Ltd has positioned itself to provide more solutions to a wider customer base.

         Bookmark Services Ltd will seek growth of its businesses in both existing and the new services in ICT in a carefully measured way. The government's new guidelines on the consolidation of ICT services is an opportunity to expand.

         The company intends to deliver ICT services to 15, 000 users by 2106/2017 and another 25,000 users by 2019. By providing these services to the Sinton City, we hope to generate saving of up to $ 50,000 per annum.

         To ensure our continued growth and profit generation, we will pursue all the business lines that were initially within  BSL. The company is well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities within the local and central governments based on our long-established relationship with them.  We have been offering services that complement those from the government agencies since 2010.

         Our opportunity within the government lies in the departments that are grappling with budget constraints and at the same time in need of efficient services. We will deliver these services and give the agencies value for their money.

         Our growth and unique position has been as a result of the following factors:

  • The depth of the services we offer.
  • Value-focused and quality professional services.
  • Our solutions are commercial and customer-focused.
  • Our excellence in customer service.
  • We have a deep understanding of the ICT sector.

         Our quality professional services are attractive to government agencies and large multinational companies which are seeking innovative ICT solutions. We will offer best services at fair prices. This business plan includes our plans to capture the aspirations of different types of clients' ICT needs.

         Our ambitious growth plan is to have a customer base of 30,000 in the 2016/2017 financial year. To achieve this, we have created a directorate that will coordinate with our sales team to reach out to new customers and maintain the existing ones.

         To ensure we achieve our plans, we also set up strategies which include:

  • Technology Strategy: we will ensure that we make use of existing technology and give an innovative view of the emerging technologies with an aim of value-addition to our esteemed customers.
  • Communications Strategy: our communications are designed with our clients in mind to enable them understand our services to them and for us to understand their needs better.
  • Customer service: we have an undying resolve to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services. We will keep improving by featuring them in all the company's activities.
  • Organizational Development: it ensures that the appropriate structures, operating environment and capability that fit the new strategic purpose of BSL; to establish a business model.

         Recognizing the fact that the operating environment is fast-changing, we will demonstrate flexibility in achieving the core aims of this business plan. 

         By 2019, we expect that the company will be mature and will be characterized by the following:

  • A leader in provision of cost-effective services
  • Establish partnerships with clients and businesses in the ICT industry.
  • Add value to our customers by providing a range of professional services.
  • Be the leading employer of choice.



1.1 Objectives

  • To push and encourage innovative use of use of ICT locally.
  • To facilitate innovation and ICT development in Sinton city and support college students achieve their dreams.
  • To get healthy earnings in our first year of operations and increase sales modestly in the subsequent years.



1.2 Mission

         To provide the city of Sinton residents with quality teleconferencing solutions; professional and technical support, brand-name information technology business solutions and unrivaled customer service and to earn profit fairly by embracing ethical and sound business practices.


1.3 Keys to Success

         The following are the keys to our success:

  • Strategic alliances we have built and maintained with manufacturers and our business partners.
  • Market and customer-focused paradigm adopted to enhance our sales and marketing.
  • Consistently implementing the fundamentals of a balanced scorecard to manage our business; embracing a goals versus results.



2.0 Company Summary

         Bookmark Services Ltd will provide ICT solutions to the people and businesses of Sinton city and focus on the neighboring town of Miso business community. These will complement the range of existing services that BSL is already providing, which include office stationery, machines and electronics.


2.1 Ownership

         BSL will be a corporation privately-held in the majority by the BSL Employee Ownership Trust. The company currently has seven employees who will all own equal shares. New employees will also have an opportunity to join the Trust after undergoing a one year probationary period.

         Bookmark Services Ltd has a start-up cost of $2 million, which includes $ 700,000 for the acquisition of an integrated teleconferencing technology. Funding will come from loans from the Youth Enterprise Funds and contributions from the initial shareholders.

         Other areas that will need funding include:

  • Inventories: $ 300,000
  • Capitalization: $725,000
  • Insurance and legal fees: $100,000
  • Rent and Miscellaneous: $175,000.



2.2 Expenses
Legal/Accounting $10,000
Stationery $1,500
Brochures $1,000
Consultants $7,500
Insurance $25,000
Rent $15,000
Software & IT (Web) $40,000
Buyout $450,000
Set-up New Company $25,000
Total Expenses $575,000
Cash Required $225,000
Inventory $200,000
Other Current Assets $0
Long-term Assets $0
Total Assets $1,425,000
Total Requirements $2,000,000
2.3 Funding
Expenses to Fund $575,000
Assets to Fund $1,425,000
Total Funding Required $2,000,000
Non-cash Assets $200,000
Cash Requirements $625,000
Additional Cash Raised $0
Cash Balance on Starting Date $225,000
Total Assets $425,000
Liabilities and Capital
Current Borrowing $1,000,000
Long-term Liabilities $0
Accounts Payable $0
Other Current Liabilities $0
Total Liabilities $1,000,000
Additional Investment Requirement $0
Total Planned Investment $0
Loss (Expenses) ($575,000)
Total Capital ($575,000)
Total Capital and Liabilities $1,425,000
Total Funding $2,000,000

2.4 Company Locations and Facilities

         Bookmark Services Ltd have two locations in Sinton city, one in Gole Street and in Pepper Street. Our two offices will continue to be our operational centers until we relocate to a bigger location.

2.5 Products and Services

         BSL will acquire three teleconferencing facilities; audio-graphic, audio, web-based and video conferencing facilities. We have operated in the ICT industry and will use this to build and transform our business into a value-added provider of teleconferencing services.

         We will begin by analyzing the client's planned and existing business processes. We will back our services with enough technical and professional support together with a proactive customer service. We have formed strategic alliances with senior players in the ICT industry with the hope of providing unrivaled services.

2.6 Sales Literature

         We have attached copies of our product and sales literature in the appendices. We have tailored the information on our brochures in such a way that we are selling our stellar services and the company alongside the company.

3.0 Competitive Comparison

         To compete effectively with the established ICT companies in Sindon, we seek to develop an alliance with our clients. It will bring benefits in the form of reliability, confidence, and excellent customer service. We will offer after-sales training and give them a different treat from our competitors.

         We will offer these services at no extra charge as a sign of appreciation to our esteemed customers.

3.1 Technology

         We will be up to date with new technology in teleconferencing and web services. Technology around these services improve on a daily basis and therefore we will ensure our customers get the latest and the best services.

         We have technological expertise at the center of our planning, vision, and marketing strategies. Our aim, as we move forward with new technological advancements, is to give the customers the best ICT solutions.

3.2 Service and Support

         One of the greatest strategies we seek to use to be ahead of competition is to provide an unrivaled service and support to our clients. Some of our exciting offers include:

  • Conducting an internal training for our systems engineers and sales personnel so that they can become competent and certified IT practitioners.
  • Giving our customers a comprehensive training package that include refresher training and follow ups.
  • We will also provide upgrade solutions to our clients that meet their needs as technologies continue to change.

3.3 Future Products and Services

         We will research and explore more opportunities in information technology to include in our product ranges. We will choose products that will be in our vision for the future. Some of the products that we plan to introduce to our clients after more research are:

  • Wireless systems (LAN).
  • Hardware and software information management systems.
  • E-commerce and tele-business.

4.0 Market Analysis and Summary

         BSL will begin by focusing on the local market, including businesses in Sindon town and local government offices. We have also been in touch and had agreements with institutions in the city to provide them with IT services.

4.1 Market Segmentation

         Our market segmentation is straightforward and focuses on Sindon city and the neighboring towns. From our customer analysis, we realized that our strongest market potential is the city's multinational businesses, institutions and local companies with foreign connections. Our competitors have overlooked this segment because of the perception of poor sales in this area. We will target this market segment with affordable and quality services that will respond to their needs.

         Our next segment is medium and small businesses and companies. Our sales efforts will focus on this area. We will give it a different approach better than our competitors'. Our competitors view this segment as low-buyers. We will counter this by making our services readily available and affordable. We will work with these medium and small companies and businesses to identify their needs and provide the required services. We will penetrate the small and medium companies by developing a long-term relationship with this segment and earn their trust.

         The local government, which is fiercely competitive and focused on price will also be our target. We have established relationships with the local county and state governments. We will use these established relationships to increase our share of this segment.  

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

         Our target market is straightforward and already built. They have an existing relationship with us. We will use a customer-focused approach and ensure all our departments contribute towards customer satisfaction. We will adopt a balanced scorecard policy in managing our business, with more focus on training the employees to understand our customers' needs.

4.3 Market Trends

         In businesses, institutions and multinational companies today, the trend is to have technology that is multinational and can connect faster to a network. Most players in this industry have either fallen or are staring at collapse because they do not move with the rapid changes in the ICT industry.

         We have our preferred manufacturers who share the same dreams for our clients. They are companies that lead the way in digital innovations and are eager to bring the customers the best products.

4.4 Market Growth

         The prices of computers worldwide continue to fall, and this fall presents us with more opportunities to provide better services to our clients. As the number of computers rises, cheaper Internet connections are needed and to ease communication services, demand for affordable teleconferencing facilities and services is also rising.

         BSL has positioned itself to be the number one choice for value-addition in the rapidly changing field of information technology. It is our strength that will keep us ahead of the competition.

4.5 Service Business Analysis

         As part of the ICT industry, BSL specializes in providing services in teleconferencing, web-hosting ad web maintenance. Currently, it is estimated that two-thirds of the residents of Sindon city work in information related companies. The number is likely to increase with most manufacturing firms shifting to service industries thus the need for interconnectivity.

4.6 Competition and Buying Patterns

         Key decision makers in business and finance managers have the understanding of the value of support and service. We will give them clear offer that they will be likely to pay for.

         At BSL, we are confident that fair competition can get the clients the best services. The clients need support as well as training. Our market experience indicates that as much as the customers are concerned about the price, the quality of the service is what brings them back. Most of them have no problem paying more to a service provider who offers the best services. We are here to provide the customers with the best alternative.

4.7 Main Competitors

         After our market research, we found out that our primary competitors are Ranier and Rexor. The secondary competitors are Lai Technologies and Haii Technological Services. Besides our customer-focus approach as a strategy, we will ensure superior quality of the products we offer to our clients.

         While some of our competitors offer relatively lower prices, they offer the customers a raw deal in terms of quality. We will use this as a competitive advantage.

4.8 Business Participants

         Two ICT Giants, Rexor and Ranier, have dominated the ICT industry, especially teleconferencing. Other low-end players include Rarph, Tonalta and Bashi. Most of these companies distribute and sell through dealers.

         Rexor has emerged as the leading innovator and is likely to overtake Ranier which has been the leader for decades. Rexor manufactures the best teleconferencing services with high-quality screens for ease of communication.

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

         To stand apart from our competitors, we will offer our target market viable and clear alternatives. We have designed our prices will to respond to their needs. We will also shift our sales efforts to have the following:

  • A new attitude as we embark on a technological field.
  • A new management and operational approach.
  • New marketing strategies and a new set of behaviors. These include systems auditing, solution selling, and joint prospecting.

5.1 Competitive Edge

         As mentioned earlier, we will form a strategic alliance with our clients. Building a long-standing business relationship with them will give us an unrivaled defense against competition. We seek to collaborate for a longer period to continue helping our customers and saving them from raw deals.

5.2 Strategy Pyramid

         At BSL, our main strategic strength will be to put emphasis on support and service delivery. We will use systems training, customer relationship management system, and networking expertise to achieve this. We will also use internal training and mailers for networking.

         We will emphasize relationships. This will be our second strategy. We will market BSL more than the products we offer and make communications with our customers a top priority, ensuring that we increase the sales per customer. New sales literature and direct E-mails will be the priority programs for our marketing.

5.3 Value Proposition

         BSL will give its clients a perfect peace of mind by acting as an ally and delivering quality products at reasonable prices.

5.4 Sales Strategy

         We intend to sell BSL as a company with abilities and reputation of associating with the leading manufacturers. We will also sell our excellent services and support. We will serve our customers by giving total solutions besides the product.

6.0 Management Summary

         In managing our employees, we believe in doing the right thing at all time. The employees who share the same vision of providing excellent services to the clients will own the company. We encourage individual growth, creativity and empowerment of our employees to achieve our goals.  We have set reasonable, balanced scorecard goals and will do adjustments where necessary.

6.1 Organizational Structure

         Our team currently has seven employees and is expected to expand with time. The organization is flat in structure with various departments such as administration, sales and marketing and IT. The managers include:

  • General Manager who will be in charge of all the operations. Sales and marketing are his primary roles. The holder of the position spends much time with the accounts team building and maintaining client relationships.
  • Secretary who carries all the administrative duties like human resources, banking, and manufacturer relations.
  • An IT manager who oversees all issues related to Information Technology. The holder ensures that we reach our service agreements and supports the customers where necessary.

6.2 Personnel Plan

         As mentioned earlier, we currently have seven employees, we will add five more IT experts to help in managing our ICT services. The total will be 12 with prospects of additional employees in the future. We will do a quarterly review of vacant positions for sustained growth and distribute the workload evenly.

6.3 Management Team

         Joe Cleg, General Manager: 38 years old, and has lived in Sindon since his childhood. He is a founding member of Bookmark Services Ltd and has been the General Manager since 2010. He has had prior management experience with Barding Systems in Sindon and Central Focus in Mardi city. He has done numerous courses on management and sales coupled with seminars throughout hi career.

         Lavender Watson, Secretary: 34 years old and a local of Sindon city. She has had four different employers in Sindon serving in senior administrative positions. She has an extensive knowledge of administration and information systems. She also has experience in building new business partnerships and expanding the customer base.

         John Osman, IT Manager: 36 years old and also a local Sindon resident. He has been with the company from the start-up in 2010 and has steered the company to this new paradigm. Has trained all our employees to be IT experts and will be in charge of training new employees and customers on product use.

6.4 Management Team Gaps

         At BSL, we have confidence in our team and believe they can deliver the main points in this business plan. Our managers have the knowledge and the experience to grow the company and motivate the employees.

         The management gap is to have a customer relationship manager to help create new relationships and maintain the existing ones. We will scrutinize our current employees and promote one of them to this position.

FileDescriptionFile sizeCreated
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