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10 June 2015 In Admission

Graduate School Essay Writing TipsA graduate school essay is an official document in which a prospective student is expected to give the admission committee details about themselves. In most graduate schools, there is always a big number of such essays. An applicant, therefore, has to be exceptional to catch the attention of the admission committee. They might only take less than five minutes to look at each essay hence the need to be concise and show why you deserve a slot within five minutes.

Focus on your personal experiences. You need to talk about yourself focusing the most relevant details why you should get an admission into the school. It is important, therefore, to write on things that you have done or encountered without exaggerations. This area needs much creativity. Do not give the admission committee difficult time in understanding who you are. Be truthful and reasonable. Be articulate in describing your experiences and what you hope to achieve with your course of choice.

While this kind of essay focuses on you as a prospective student, you should also show the school why it is your choice. Tell the admission committee how studying at their institution could help you accomplish your goals. If you already know any member of a faculty, tell the committee how you follow the faculty's research findings and how you would like to work with the faculty member.

Pay attention to instructions and guidelines. Each school gives its own guidline that should be used. Make sure to follow them to the letter. A graduate school essay is not a one-size-fits-all document. Even if you are applying for a similar program in different graduate schools, tailor each essay to the requirements of a school. Take your time and go through the instructions before commencing the writing process. Take care of small details like length of the essay, a number of words and ensure you follow the formatting guidelines.

Keep your essay clean and clear. One way to show the selection panel that you are the best fit for a slot is by being excellent in spelling, grammar and punctuation usage. Your sentences should be short, simple and clear. You should also choose your words correctly and avoid jargons. Vulgar and texting language are completely unnecessary in this kind of document. If the document is to be submitted in hard-copy, keep it clean devoid of any decorations.

Proofread & Edit: Once you have the first draft, get close friends, family members and if possible, a professional who has handled such essays to read and edit it. Their feedback is very crucial in improving the quality of your essay.

In conclusion, a graduate school admission essay should be given much attention. Take into account the following:

  • Focus on your personal experiences that are relevant.
  • Be concise and creative.
  • Pay attention to the given guidelines.
  • Make your essay clean and avoid the use of jargons and vulgar language.
  • Proofread and edit your essay.


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