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10 June 2015 In Admission

Business School Admission Essay Writing TipsA business school admission essay is a detailed personal statement of an applicant's learning and professional growth. The essay, which is a crucial requirement for any prospective business student, is an opportunity the applicant has to talk to the admission committee directly. As an applicant, you are expected to be personal in this kind of essay.

 Before beginning to write, it is important to give yourself time. It enables you to brainstorm and organize your thoughts. Brainstorming involves going through the guidelines and the essay questions and doing a self-reflection. It enables you to put clear what your strengths and weaknesses are. Going through self-reflection will also give you a clue on what you would want to achieve with a career in business and how the chosen business school might help you reach your goals. It is mostly helpful in getting the essay prompts right.

       Make your introduction simple and sharp: Avoid using an introduction that is dramatic, this puts off your readers, which, in this case, happen to be a group of business scholars. A simple and interesting introduction hooks the readers to your essay to the end. Use short and simple sentences throughout your essay.

Don't be in a hurry:  Start writing the essay early enough to avoid a last-minute rush. It gives you time to read the instructions carefully, write your work and give it to others to read. It is important for any piece of writing, however, meticulous you may be. Give at least three people your essay to read. If possible, get a business scholar or someone who has undergone the same process to help you out. To make your essay even more outstanding, ask a friend to figure out the essay questions.

 Mind Your Language: Make proper use of language to make you come out as a proactive leader who can do a lot. Business schools do not need more admission numbers; they want to train leaders who are able to make an impact. 

Be Unique:  Brag of your uniqueness but be careful not to overdo it. Come out as alert and as an individual of character. Prove how your alertness makes you number one. In convincing the admission committee that you fit the school, clearly communicate reasons why you are the best.

Bring Out Your Talent: If you have a passion for business and enthusiastic about it, bring it out in your essay. Business schools need students who are likely to bring concrete discussions to the classrooms, students who are confident enough to challenge conventions and perceptions.

Be Realistic: Make your essay real by bringing real-life happenings. Do not bring fiction or copy someone else's essay. It is harmful to your chances of getting an admission. The real life happenings helps you to come out as a risk-taker, remember business schools need risk-takers. Bring out your life challenges and how you have overcome them to reach where you are. If you are humorous bring it out, and again, do not overdo it.

      A well-written business school admission essay should, therefore, highlight your growth and experiences in the most truthful way. So next time you are writing your business school admission essay, ensure you take care of the following:

  • Start early to get enough time to organize yourself and go through the interview questions.
  • Use a simple but interesting introduction.
  • Be concise and clear throughout the essay.
  • Proofread and edit your essay.
  • Be realistic in your writing.
  • Come out as unique.


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