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25 November 2014 In Academic

The end of the semester has come. The final project of your American Government class in high school is due in less than a month. The assignment calls for the research project to be in APA format. APA (American Psychological Association) format is unfamiliar to you. You look for help to write your research project. Here is your guide to write your research project.

First, in your research project, gather material from books, research journals, and articles. Look for notes, highlight important notes and points from sources. Paraphrase ideas and topics from the sources.

When you have completed reading and researching material for your research project, you need to begin writing your first rough draft. Use 8.5” by 11” paper with 1” margins on all sides. Double space the research project and type it with 12-point serif typeface (Times New Roman or Courier). Figures need to be labeled with 12-point sans serif typeface (Arial or Helvetica).

Number every page of your research project on the upper right corner, starting with the title page. Artwork and figures are the only pages that are not numbered. Next, begin to write your rough draft. Order your paper in this fashion: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Research, and References.

For the title of your research project, make the title concise and not go over twelve words. The title should be on top of the page and centered. The title should be typed in sentence case. On a new line, type your first name, middle initial, and last name. If you are named “Jr.” or “III,” put a space between your last name and the suffix. For the next new line of your research project, enter the name of the college or university where you carried out your research project. If you don’t have a research institution, you can list the city and state where you researched for your research project. If you are located outside of the United States, list your city, state or province, and country.

On page two, is the abstract which is the summary of your research paper. The abstract is 120 words long. List the most important details of your research project. Label abbreviations and special terms (except units of measurement). Note previous research for your research project.

Following the abstract is the introduction. The research project’s purpose, background information, presented problem, details about the problem’s importance, and identify works which are applicable to the paper. Place your hypothesis and supportive sentences in this section.

Next, for the research section, put the running header on the upper left side of the page. Place the title on top of the page. Format the title in sentence case. Tell about your research project, the results you have found, and your conclusions. You write your essay and give your facts that help support your viewpoints. You reference your sources by putting an inline citation, such as (Author, page number) in order not to plagiarize ideas.

Lastly, name your research project’s sources on the reference page. The Purdue OWL Writing Lab has a wonderful guide to cite your references. ( Cite your references in alphabetical order, starting with last name and first name.

Your research project is an informative communicative essay to promote your findings. With this article, you can be prepared in using the APA format.



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You are here: Home Blog Displaying items by tag: APA research project writing guide