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Substance abuse is presently one the matters affecting the world. The use of illegitimate drugs that cause cognitive and physiological consequences is a behavior that has affected the lives of many youths by damaging property, causing physical incapacity as well as school dropouts. There is need to analyze different environments and conditions under which addiction occurs and do research on ways of reducing drug addiction in adolescence including spiritual interventions.

Relationship between abuse and addiction in adolescence

Abuse is the misuse of something that results into bad effects while addiction is the persistent replication of a behavior notwithstanding its adverse effects. Drug use is particularly common during adolescent stage and increases emotional and mental disorders to those who were already exposed (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Risky substance use by adolescents can cause addiction, which may result into deadly accidents, sexually transmitted diseases, undesired pregnancies, psychological and medical illness.

27 August 2014 In Blogs

The Gross Domestic product of a country is one of the chief determinants of how healthy a country’s economy is. A high GDP means several sections of the economy are doing well; the citizens of the country have meaningful income and are able to spend their income to meet their needs and wants. This is simply because the GDP is a reflection of the total income or expenditure of the citizens of a country.

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 Integrity is an element of an extraordinary leader. It is a notion of consistency of accomplishments, values, procedures, plans, principles, belief, and outcomes. It is a dedication to do things generally acceptable for the good reason, notwithstanding the prevailing circumstances. Leadership on the other hand is the potentiality and the will to unite people to a common goal and the integrity, which motivates confidence.Integrity is associated with righteousness, trustworthiness, as well as tolerance. It is a measure of ethical values and characters.

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Alignment of IT with strategic business

In modern business setups, information technology has become a vital factor in the success of any company. The incorporation of information technology into any business helps in cost reduction, standardization of processes in an organization, promotion of productivity, the improvement of communication among the people within the organization and outside, the enhancement of the levels of handling risks and the implementation of improved strategies for the business. There has been the use of Information technology in the implementation of various procedures but not in the basic strategy shaping. Whenever there is an effective implementation of information technology in a business, it has always helped in creating suitable strategies for the advancement of any business (Beveridge, 2013).

27 August 2014 In Blogs

Drug addiction is an increasing endemic in many societies in the world. The addiction level has increased given that youngsters are getting exposed to drugs in high schools. Adults are not saved from the plague either. The problem is enormous considering the kilograms of illegal drugs discovered by different authorities. In 2007, the United States Coast Guard apprehended dealers on a ship with 21, 400 kilograms of cocaine (Zamora par. 1). It is a disturbing trend towards individuals and the society. The societal support and the individual’s willpower of a rehabilitated addict could return to normal life to play a central role in attaining the goal.

25 August 2014 In Blogs

 According to the recent studies, the United States of America (U.S.) has transformed into a county of mentally disturbed people caused by anxiety. Anxiety has become very common among many U.S. dwellers including college students who spend most of their time thinking about their future careers instead on concentrating on their studies. The U.S. has become the most anxious nation in the world with more than 18 percent of adults suffering from anxiety disorders as stated in the National Institute of Mental Health. Researchers have tried to investigate the main cause of high anxiety rates among U.S. citizens and one of the causes revealed was the fact that people have become more individualistic and socially isolated as a society (Clark).

Clark argued that developing countries like Nigeria have fewer cases of anxiety disorders compared to developed countries like U.S. The main reason being that developed countries concentrate more on technology, hence, they spend most of their time with machines as opposed to people from developing countries are very social with one another. Lack of human contact has lead to increased dissatisfaction and psychological problems facing U.S. people. I totally agree with Clark her reasons why people are becoming more anxious. Psychologists claim that human contact play a major role in eliminating anxiety because a person who isolates himself from the community has fewer people to relate with, and ends up lacking social support that helps alleviate anxiety (Clark).

On the other hand, a study by Twenge, Gentile, DeWall & Ma revealed that American high school and college students also suffer from anxiety disorders. The results from the study revealed that more students suffer from anxious disorders and the nation may demand more mental health services in the future if the problem is not mitigated (Twenge et al 152). The issues highlighted by Clark are similar to those discussed by Twenge and his group. Other causes of anxiety not mentioned in the two papers include pressure in work places and insecurity especially with the high cases of terror attacks and people abduction.












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Relate B2B to the four P’s of marketing (product, price, placement, promotion)

            B2B is an abbreviation for Business-to-Business, which stands for commercial transactions between businesses, for example between a wholesaler and a manufacturer or between a retailer and a wholesaler. B2B is used in marketing therefore has a strong relationship with Porter’s four P’s of marketing. B2B exchange is the business transaction that takes place between two businesses without the involvement of a consumer. B2B demonstrated the four P’s in the following manner. The four P’s are the basics of an effective marketing plan that people conducting business transactions ought to understand. For an effective B2B transaction, the involved parties must have an idea of the product demanded in the market, the price of the product, the target market (placement), and the promotion strategies. B2B marketers make use of unique business models that works best for their business transactions and the four P’s model works perfectly (Hutt & Speh, 2013, pp. 148-150).

            Consulting organizations are more interested in knowledge management (KM) in order to increase their areas of operations to create room for more customers. Knowledge management is essential for assessing and providing analytical needs and implementations requirements to clients in order to offer business solutions. KM helps consulting organizations form a link between technology solutions and client’s need, hence; providing better advices and best solutions (Lamont, 2013).

            The Knowledge management cycle used at Infosys Technologies was aimed at converting each employee’s knowledge into a firm asset. The process involved encouraging employees to provide details about their experience in different areas such as technology, software development, and oversea duties. This move was made in order to improve the operations of the organization through creation, capturing, refining, and sharing of ideas and information (Efraim, 2010).

Knowledge creation:

            This was an endless process adopted by Infosys Technologies that included creation of new idea. The ideas created included the writing of experiences by employees and sharing these experiences in hard-copy form so that every employee receives his or her own copy. In addition, the experiences were posted in each employee’s email, placed in bulletin boards, and other communication channels used in the firm.

Knowledge capture

            This was the process that involved storing and recording, and preserving knowledge in acceptable formats for easier access by other employees. In this regards, each employee’s experience was stored in a hard copy while the management maintained softcopies in the company databases.  In addition, a corporate intranet was developed to make bodies of knowledge and change them into HTML format for easier accessibility by other members. Moreover, a central knowledge portal (KShop) was created and maintained by local groups that provided capacity for knowledge sharing.    

Knowledge sharing

            This forms the process of scattering knowledge among people. The right knowledge sharing process determines the effectiveness of a KM cycle in an organization. At Infosys Technologies, knowledge sharing occurred through employee’s engagement in case studies, downloadable software and reusable artifacts. According to Efraim (2010), organization culture plays a major role in effective knowledge sharing. Infosys Technologies allowed local groups to maintain their own content on KShop in order to favor each employee to eliminate discrimination of any form. 


            Infosys Technologies was very effective in applying the knowledge gained. The KM was very functional in early 2000, but the employee’s participation was low. The organization introduced a reward scheme that increased employee’s involvement and contribution to KM. employees who contributed more to KShop gained knowledge currency units (KCUs) that could be exchanged for cash. The reward system was beneficial because it increased employee’s contribution to the growth and development of the organization through introducing new ideas, and innovations. Compared to the old reward system, the reward scheme made the organization improve its productivity incurred less costs.

















25 August 2014 In Blogs


Much technological advancement is available in the world that makes it very different from the past. People have come up with many inventions in different areas such as energy, transportation, and much more. Solar energy harnessing forms one of the greatest technologies invented by man. Today solar radiations can be used to produce electric energy for both household and industrial purposes. In addition, solar power is used for other purposes like water heating, crop drying, and soil sterilization. Just how can the free lights coming from the sun be harvested and turned into electricity, heat water, dry crops, and sterilize soil? This question can only be answered with a thorough look a solar energy harvesting technologies. The main focus will be on harvesting solar power for power generation.

Solar energy

Solar radiation forms the largest energy flow that enters the terrestrial ecosystem. Out of the total amount of energy radiated by the sun to the earth surface, undergo reflection and absorption in the atmosphere and the portion that reaches the earth surface undergoes conversion to all forms of energy used by humans. The total amount of solar energy reaching the earth surface is approximately 100,000 Tetra Watts a clear indication that solar energy is capable of sustaining energy use in the whole universe. Human beings since ancient times have been using solar energy for various purposes such as warming, water heating, and crop drying. With the current innovations, Engineers have invented photovoltaic cells that are capable of turning solar radiations into electric power. Since the invention of photovoltaic cells in 1839, the evolution of solar energy has continued to grow at a very fast rate. Presently, large varieties of solar technologies exist with photovoltaic cells gaining an increasing market share (Goetzberger and Volker 1-8).






25 August 2014 In Blogs

1.      Describe how data is transformed into information and how information is transformed into knowledge. Provide examples of how software supports these transformations

Data is raw subject fed into a computer by a user. Data is transformed into information through message coding. The computer codes the information fed and translates it into useful data. For example, information about a person is made up of single data such as sex, age, address, and occupation. Information is transformed into knowledge through the coding process. Installed programs in a computer are used transform information into knowledge. Software supports transformations through effective programming processes using the computer language that understand the communication between data, information and knowledge (Shelly, Cashman & Vermaat, 2010).

2.      Describe cloud computing.  Explain three advantages and disadvantages for organizations that choose to use cloud computing versus owning and installing the software.

Cloud computing is a form of network computing model whereby a program installed in a computer depends on a server or servers located in a different place rather than on the local computing device such as a personal computer, tablet, Smartphone etc. A person using cloud computing connects to a server to perform different tasks and the process can run more than one computer at the same time (Furht & Escalante, 2010, pp. 17-19). For an organization using cloud computing rather that owning and installing software, these are the advantages and disadvantages.


            Firstly, the organization will undergo less maintenance cost because the hardware, applications and bandwidth are managed by the server/provider. Owning the software leads to high maintenance costs because the organization will cater for software maintenance.

            Secondly, cloud computing is always available to the public and are easily managed unlike personalized programs that might fail to work on some operating systems. An organization using cloud computing enjoys the effectiveness and efficiency of the system because it is less vulnerable to virus attacks.

            Thirdly, the organization enjoys scalability because they only pay for the applications and data storage needed. Owning and installing the software requires the organization to cater for all costs including purchasing the software and maintaining data.


            Cloud computing eliminates the aspect of taking total control over a company’s data because it is being processed by an external server. It leads to exposure of organization’s crucial information to the unwanted parties interfering with privacy.

            Secondly, cloud computing does not accommodate every information stored from different organizations. Some computing restricts applications, operating systems, and infrastructure calling for an organization to own and install compatible software.


3.      Explain the Five-Component Framework. Using Starbucks, explain how each component is used, be detailed.

The five components of a framework are:

1.      Hardware: this refers to the machinery including the central processing unit (CPU). It is used to hold computer components together

2.      Software: These are programs installed in a computer and are used to direct the hardware in order to produce useful information from data.

3.      Data: These are facts used by computer programs to produce information.

4.      Procedures: Policies governing the operation of a computer

5.      People: People are used to influence the success or failure of information system by operating a computer system. They are also involved in maintenance activities (Shelly, Cashman & Vermaat, 2010).

4.      Describe why relational databases are more efficient AND effective for data management in organizations. How does the task of restructuring the data help to achieve these goals?

Relational databases are designed to maximize efficiency of computer storage by preventing information duplication. Relational databases function as information scanners in a computer through coding each data fed into a computer and restructuring it to prevent duplication. Restructuring the data takes place through collecting of similar information and placing it under one copy.

5.      Why is the security essential to the overall system plan for an organization? How do IS managers identify threats and vulnerabilities? Describe at least three types of threats that organizations face today

Security of information stored in a database if very essential because it contains personal private information that should not be shared in public. IS managers identify threats and vulnerabilities whenever they realize an unwanted authentication took place. In addition, threats and vulnerabilities are recognized when private information is leaked to the public, or when a manager realizes a certain program has been blocked by a user. 

            The main types of threats and vulnerabilities faced by organizations today are:

Errors and omissions: These are important threats to data and computer system integrity. Users omit important information while inputting data leading to serious risks of wrong information.

Fraud and theft: The new technologies have come up with various tricks that IT experts use to steal private information from a computer. These people hack other user’s passwords and access their information.

Employee sabotage: Employees make the organization more vulnerable to risks and threats through entering data incorrectly, sharing company information to third parties, deleting useful data, changing data, or crashing computer systems by introducing viruses (Kizza, 2013).







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Miami is generally considered as a top tier city because of the range of things you can do. The city also has diversity that rivals some of the best sea front cities in the world, being home to numerous ethnicities that include Hispanics, African Americans, Europeans and white altogether as well as a myriad of other groupings. Now why take the opportunity to have a vacation in the city, you ask? Well the answer is obvious. There are lots of things that are just open to be taken advantage of in Miami and one of these is the beach, which happens to be the number one attraction in the area, as well as the tropical weather that gives you the feeling of true you are in an island paradise.

Property and Tax advantages

People also cannot be wrong because it happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. this being, said the city has taken this into account and placed world class shopping malls and eateries that serve almost every cuisine you could think of, to satisfy every part of the possible market. this is the second argument in favor of the venue. The city is organized in such a way to continue attracting tourists and clients to do business in the area. This places an environment of service to the customer/ visitor, who in this case would be you.

Here, is the part that should sell you on the idea at least partially. If you think that no one would afford the amenities in the city with an average salary you are wrong. In fact, the living cost in Miami is lower than it is in any other city because the city runs of lower factors of tax making it the have the lowest taxable composite in the united states. For example there is hardly any form of taxable income in Miami and there happens to be no local income tax.


As a result, a vacation in the vicinity would cost considerably less than you had first imagined. The exemptions on tax are sure to make your stay in the city as comfortable and memorable as possible. However, this statistics also beg the question whether it would not only be a good idea to have a vacation in the area, as compared to moving to the vicinity. That suggestion is for a later, discussion, though connected to this argument, there cheaper homes, lower costs on insurance as well as property tax (Daily News 4).

Reasons resident love Miami

Miami has a lot of attractive sites and for this reason, there are a lot of tourists that have elected to go out and look for Miami Real estate. While you may think the city is heaven on earth, though, it is an odd phenomenon that residents of the city don’t think so. They are quite quick to bash the city metaphorically, but will also not listen to a non resident do the same. On the other hand, this shows signs of a people so spoiled by their city, they instinctively know they have it good but like to rant because they can. There is a complied list that residents fondly refer to as some of the reasons their city of choice is better than anywhere else.

Some of the points on the list are quite liberal, but would offer a significant amount of freedom to the visitor. For one, Miamians are described on the list as helpful and involved, no real resident is snobby and this theme of hospitality comes from the ideal that no one is truly from Miami, everyone immigrated into the area at one time or another.



Some of the other points include quite favorable weather. For instance dressing for cold would entail wearing a hooded sweater, that’s about it. There is almost zero racism reported, which gives the impression of a highly accepting society. In fact, the state allows for topless sunbathing and not only is it legal, but it is not a big issue with residents (Munzenrieder 4). That for some may be too much on the liberal side, but it drives the point of non conservative home. Some would even go as far as saying that the Cuban food made in the area, is even more authentic than the real thing made in Cuba. We might not have the time or reason to dispute but, the fact is there are quite a lot of immigrants, most of which came with their home cuisines to diversify the pot.

Places to go and eat

As such there are some choice eateries, which would be the posts for choice if one wanted to treat themselves with Florida Cuisine. Joe Stone’s Crab restaurant is a top tier eatery for calamari. It is usually frequented by northern state Americans and occasionally, celebrities. The best dishes to try out include the jumbo crab, prawn and the key lime pie. If you have a taste for spice, you can try Cuban food at Miami’s little Havana. Here you can enjoy an assortment of Cuban cuisine coupled with some of the best freshly squeezed juice.

Apart from food, you can engage your spirit of adventure and go canoeing in the everglades. These swamps represent Florida’s outback, which are best explored using canoes. This offers an up close encounter with the inhabitants of the area. The wildlife of the region varies from alligators to raccoons and Florida panthers, yes panthers.

 Culture and fashion

Miami happens to be the cultural center of Florida and in so doing, many of the world celebrities go to the city in December to experience the Art Basel in Miami as well as the new architectural master piece New World Symphony’s that was designed by one Frank Gehry (Abravanel 4). The city has had a recent upsurge in fashion cred with a host of pop up stores and boutiques cropping up everywhere. This only serves to satisfy the wants of the young shopper. Similarly, if you are looking for residential furniture, a host of mid-century furniture stores have opened up in the design district. This is probably a response to the scram for real estate by tourists.

Not surprisingly most of the potential buyers want to be close to the beach. The most sought after spot being South Beach which is very well known for the nightlife. However, mostly revelers and young at heart couples would go for this option. In response to this, the development has gone to the north to reach the North Miami beach (Flint 5). The prices are still good considering the area has quite rapidly become prime land. Here is where the argument for living in Miami comes in.

At the moment, there are a good number of reasons to visit the area on a holiday or vacation. However, the previous points go to point out that the city does not only serve as a one stop shop, but offers similar advantages for a long term resident. Even the down town parts of Miami have become residential. This is because it has been given the 24 hour life that it never had with the inclusion of daily stores and night clubs. With such a melting pot of things what could be the disadvantage. On the other hand, the problem with most such mixes in culture is the crime bit.

Cities like this usually experience a huge amount of crime. This may be so for Miami but, the area has a capable police department that is on call 24 hours. Similarly, there is the presence of other agencies like the DEA for drugs and the ATF for arms trafficking that are nearby so the city is covered. Cities in such similar positions include Manhattan; however, the city has come up with a variety of ways to stem crime. The thing that separates Miami from the rest of the group, is the hospitality though. In New York, one can literally die and it would not elicit notice for some time.


The area even has a magazine that is named after it, that is responsible for highlighting the dos and don’ts while in the city. The magazine welcomes over a hundred million visitors on an annual basis, and provides information on the best tours to go and such (Welcome Publishing Company 1). During a visit of the area, if you want to satisfy a craving for sophisticated art, you should pass by the Museum of Contemporary Art, and those with family trying to spend an afternoon away would visit the Metro zoo. In other words, there is simply nothing you cannot attain in the city, practically nothing.

The city satisfies tastes of a fun loving variety while not forgetting the young family and offers them places to do their thing. It even has a section for the art connoisseurs. Every point screams that you cannot go wrong when choosing Miami and the tax exemptions just make it better because it gives access to a higher number of people to experience what they would be hard pressed in other states in the same America.  





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