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Thoughts and its anatomical basis

19 September 2014 By In Blogs

A thought is an idea that comes up after the process of thinking about something. It is the idea that is created in the mind or the final result that occurs after thinking. It refers to the act of one thinking and the resulting ideas that come up Thinking makes the human make sense and interpret the day to day goings in the world. This leads to conclusions of what is happening that happen to be thoughts. There are similar concepts of thinking which include imagination and consciousness. (Tolman 1949).

            The psychology of today’s theories tries to explain a thought as the process of mental exertion with the intention of finding an answer to a certain problem or query. The cortex is mainly involved in the process of initiating the thought or idea. The frontal lobes of the cortex play the main role of coordinating information. The parietal lobe is concerned with perception and sensation as well as construction of a coordinated system which is partial. The occipital lobe helps in vision which is a key component in triggering thoughts while the temporal lobe helps to recall the identities of people.(Kandel et all, 1991).

            The actions behind the brain trying to analyze a thought were referred to as ‘unconscious inferences’ by a scientist named Hermann. Scientists explained that thoughts influence an action. The actions that occur from a human mind are influenced by the thought that run in the mind e.g. the memories about the layout of a maze. The behavior to solve a maze lay in what was in the mind but not what one sees with the eyes.(Tolman 1949).

            Sociologically our thoughts are different from one another. The thoughts of the people in the past generation are different from those of today’s generation. The past generation thought of values such as honor, pride and integrity. The new generation’s thoughts are all about class, how to get the ideal job, salary and happiness. The old generation stuck and depended on them to feed themselves and their families while the new generation is always thinking of how to look for new avenues to achieve their goals.(Rodney,1992)

            The process of thinking of a student may involve involuntary reactions and reactions in the mind process. Anatomy is the origin of a thought. Human beings have to use their mind to think and this depends on the day to day occurrences in one’s life. There is still continuing controversy about the exact occurrences that produce the thoughts in one’s mind and the extent of impact on the human mind.





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You are here: Home Blog Thoughts and its anatomical basis