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18 September 2014 By In Blogs

Every person has in mind the place he or she would love to work after completing school. Some prefer to work in profit making others non- profit, among others. This is usually determined by one’s passion, determination and hard work. However, people should know that large firms, small firms, working in an office setting or in the field have advantages and disadvantages.

 Small firms employ few people, thus gives one an opportunity to be promoted as the individual competes with few people. Small firms usually have less hierarchy; therefore one can easily work with his or her boss creating opportunities for collaboration and mentorship. More so, small firms give an individual a chance to actively participate in a new project. In this case, one can take part in brain storming and executing the essential ideas, as opposed to large firms, which allow an individual to only handle a small component of the project.

Working in a public company is better than working in a private company because it offers employment stability. In this case, it is not prone to closure as it is usually assured of government backing. In addition, the public sector is less demanding compared to the private sector. This is because there is less competition in the public company, despite the high expectations set. However, private companies have better remunerations than public companies.

Working in a non- profit organization is better than working in a profit making organization. This is because Non- profit organizations offer more responsibilities than profit making organizations, which results to faster career development. For instance, non- profit employee may be assigned three projects, while a profit making organization can assign three employees to one project. However, profit making organizations have better remunerations and more stable than non- profits making organizations.

Working in an office setting is better than working in the field. This is because an individual learns how to be professional in an office setting. In this case, one learns how to dress decently, send professional e-mails, being punctual at work and interact in an appropriate manner. More so, working in an office setting helps an individual understand managerial skills. In this case, an individual is able to see how managers work, and watch how their decisions affect employees and the organization at large. On the contrary, working in the field entails less supervision, thus it is less stressful than working in an office setting. A good leader should be a good communicator. In this case, he or she should share his or her thought with employees. Moreover, a good leader should empower his or her team members by clearly defining the goals of the company, and showing them how to achieve the stipulated goals. More so, a good leader ought to reveal his or her strengths and characters through communication (McBean 2).

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