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Global Warming

25 August 2014 By In Blogs

Global warming refers to a recent increase in the global temperatures, in the Earth’s atmosphere. The increase is gradual and has been happening in the past centuries up to date. The trend started off in the late nineteenth century, and the main reasons that can be associated to the rise in temperatures are activities carried out by human beings. Greenhouse gases take the blame for the gradual increase in temperatures and happen to the main contributors (Houghton, 2004). In the past few decades, the emission of green house gases to the earth’s atmosphere has been on the rise. The causes of global warming vary from natural causes to human causes, which are discussed below. The effects of the increase in temperatures and possible ways to avert the causes brought about by global warming are also highlighted.

            The emergence of the topic of global warming can be traced to the beginning of the nineteenth century. This was after the ice ages and other natural changes in the paleoclimate were suspected. There was also the discovery of the first natural green house gas effect. Back then, the scientists argued that emissions of green house gases produced by human could change the effect on the climate. However, after deeper and deeper research, this theory was disputed and other methods had to be sorted. In the 1960’s the warming effect caused by carbon (iv) oxide became easily detectable. This prompted the increase in research by scientists on how to combat this problem. Since 1990, scientists have been working extra hard to try and contain this epidemic. They also work hard to ensure they warn people and companies of the activities that they should avoid.

  Scientists have spent quite some time before they could come up with the main causes of global warming. Their discoveries shed light on two causes of global warming; natural causes and human related causes (Goldstein, 2009). One such natural cause is methane gas, which is released, from wetlands and the arctic tundra. Methane gas is one of the greenhouse gases which its heat is trapped in the atmosphere. The earth is also undergoing through a natural climate change cycle and its lasts for about forty thousand years. Volcano eruptions also happen to be another natural cause of global warming. Although green house gases are necessary for maintaining global temperatures, if they are released excessively the results may be catastrophic.

            The larger end of global warming causes is those caused by activities carried out by man. The bigger contributor being the gases produced through the burning of fossil fuels. The use of gas and oil in automobiles and industries when burned produces CO2, SO2, and methane gas. These two gases are the main contributors of the increase of green house gases in the atmosphere. The green house gases are responsible for the rise in global temperatures. This rise in global temperatures not only affects human life but nature also has a problem keeping up with the temperatures.

            Deforestation which is the unplanned reduction of forest covers also accelerates the rate of global warming. Trees take in CO2 in the night and reduce the concentration of the gas in the environment. Hence, with a reduction in forest cover, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will rise. Rise in population leads to the increase of deforestation in search of habitats for the increasing population. The increase in population also increases the CO2 rate since human breathe out the gas (Fern, 2009).

            The effects of global warming are very wide and include an ecological and economic basis. The effects act as evidence to a few people who still argue that global warming is a myth. The melting of ice in the Earth’s poles and mountain glaciers is one very viewable effect. In about thirty years, researcher Bill Fraser was able to establish the decline in the number of penguins on Antarctica. In that time span, their numbers have fallen from 32,000 to 11,000 breeding pairs. There has been the migration of some breeds of plants further north to higher and cooler places to avoid the heat levels (Kowalski, 2004). On average, in the past few decades as a result of global warming the sea level rise and the levels of rain and snow have also increased.

            The effects of global warming have not spared Kenya as well. Our nation is suffering the same cause the whole globe is suffering due to the ignorance of human beings. The effects of global warming in Kenya include irregular weather patterns, seasonal floods and droughts and a rise in temperature. This is the reason why Kenya’s agriculture has been affected in a way. Since farmers can no longer predict the perfect time to plant or harvest. The weather patterns have turned completely irregular and it is very easy for one to predict what will happen next. At the coast, there are records of rise in the sea level which happen to raise alarm. What will happen in the future cannot be predicted; all we can do is to try and change the situation than wait for things to get worse.

            In conclusion, it is very important for everyone to agree that global warming is real. Every human being should make it their personal role to reduce the damage already done. If no action is taken, the effects that happen later on in this century will be much adverse and the damage will be intolerable (Archer, 2012). Hurricanes and storms will become stronger; floods become more common, fresh water will reduce, spread of waterborne diseases like malaria and the extinction of some species due to ecological changes. Therefore, governments should come with ways in which the public can be involved in fighting this epidemic before it consumes all humans alive.



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